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How Not to Be “That Guy” in a Racing Group

At my last triathlon I was in the final meters of the bike leg–closing in on the bike dismount area–when I heard the cheers of my friends off to the right side of the road. Just as I looked up to return a smile a guy comes flying by on the right of me yelling “to your right!” I was a little surprised to see someone passing me at such a high speed–on the right nonetheless–so close to the dismount area, but didn’t give it another thought. Sure enough, moments later the same guy goes crashing all over the dismount area in front of me as he tries to rush off his bike. I barely avoid him and his bike and rush past him… rather to keep my distance from this klutz!

I really didn’t have much sympathy for the guy that was in such a rush that he put everything on the line at the end of the bike ride. It’s one thing if we were competing for a finish at the top, but we were middle-of-the-pack age groupers, and there was nothing to be gained by one or two seconds.

Here’s my advice: don’t take yourself too serious during a race. If you’re like me and the vast majority of other racers you’re out there primarily for fun, so take it easy and be courteous to other racers.

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