Which Holiday Cookie Are You? [Quiz]
on December 5 2016 by Bob's Red Mill

Which Holiday Cookie Are You? [Quiz]

There's nothing better than enjoying a delicious holiday treat! Are you a sugar cookie, or more of a classic gingerbread? Find out which holiday cookie matches your personality with our fun quiz below.


  1. Pam
    For crying out loud, call them what they are: Christmas Cookies. You won't offend anyone.
    1. Elaine
      Absolutely! They are Christmas cookies in the season. After that they become their name... gingerbread cookies or whatever. Same cookie can be a Valentine cookie. I vote for Christmas!!!
    2. Laura S Parrish
      Laura S Parrish
      Wouldn't whether they are Christmas cookies or not depend on what seasonal holiday one is celebrating?
      1. Cassidy Stockton
        We like your attitude, Laura!
  2. Claire Cruz
    This is so wrong, I got peppermint chocolate, and I do not even like peppermint!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. sharon
    You can call them holiday cookies. At our house we celebrated Chanakah, Christmas and Kwanza

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