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Grains of Discovery World Launch Party

We’ve been hinting about it for a few months and now it’s time for the big reveal… We are proud to present the Bob’s Red Mill Grains of Discovery!

We’ve taken some of your favorite whole grains like quinoa and millet and some of the more unknown grains like amaranth and teff and filled in their back story with a bit of their cultural history and recipes reminiscent of their origins. We hope you will join us in discovering all that can be delicious about these wonderful whole grains. The full line up includes Quinoa, Millet, Sorghum, Teff, Amaranth, Kamut®Khorasan Wheat, Spelt, Farro and Chia. We’ll be featuring each of these in the coming months showing you just how easy it is to enjoy something as exotic as teff and why you want to have farro on hand for your next dinner party.

In true Bob’s Red Mill style, ok, so that’s kind of a lie, this is not true Bob’s Red Mill style… our style is a little more jeans and t-shirts… in a totally unprecedented extravaganza, we’re having a launch party to celebrate the Grains of Discovery in New York City tomorrow night. This is not just any old party, either. We’re flying out ten of Portland’s top chefs (including our very own Sarah House) to create culinary masterpieces with each of these grains and show the world just how sophisticated these simple whole grains can be.

Join us on Twitter (#grainsofdiscovery) and Facebook tomorrow starting at 6 pm (Eastern) for updates from the party with pictures of the dishes, live messages from Bob and whatever else we can come up with. We wish each of you could join us, but we hope you’ll enjoy coming along for the virtual fun.

Here’s a rundown on the chefs and their dishes. Before you read on, please know that this is the extreme end of what these grains can be, we’re going to spend the rest of the summer showing you how family-friendly you can make these grains. You don’t have to be  a James Beard winner to enjoy these grains.


Scott Snyder of Levant:  Dirty Kamut


Naomi Pomeroy of Beast: Vegetable Bounty Quinoa Salad with Asian Vinaigrette


Pascal Sauton of Milwaukie Kitchen & Wine: Moroccan Farro with Braised Lamb Belly and Harissa Aioli


Gregory Gourdet of Departure: Chia Granola Crusted Squab, Sweet Corn Curry, Chia Jalapeno Madeleine


Cathy Whims of Nostrana: Chilled Buttermilk and Spelt Soup


Greg & Gabrielle Denton of Ox Restaurant: Ricotta Amarancini with Octopus Fra Diavolo & Amaranth Caviar


Kevin Gibson of Evoe: Toasted Eggs with Millet Seed

VitalyImperialSVitaly Paley of Imperial: Sorghum Tamale, Moxie Braised Goat & Oxtail, Spicy Sorghum Salsa, Puffed Sorghum


Sarah House of Bob’s Red Mill: Teff Pudding Cakes with Coffee & Berbere

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