Fresh & Seasonal Recipes: May
May 4 2020 by Elisabeth Allie

Fresh & Seasonal Recipes: May

May is here, and while much of the country is still locked down, at least we can still head to the grocery store (bring your masks) and explore this month's seasonal produce. In addition to recipe ideas to bring out the best in your fresh fruit and veggies, this month's Fresh & Seasonal blog post includes ideas for celebrating Mother's Day and Star Wars on May the Fourth (Be With You) at home.


Fresh Cherry Pepita Golden Couscous Salad

Whether you choose yellow or red, sweet or sour, fresh cherries are truly the jewel of the season. We love these vitamin C-packed beauties in this Fresh Cherry & Pepita Golden Couscous Salad. Here, Golden Couscous, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, fresh cherries and goat cheese are tossed with a lemon vinaigrette and garnished with fresh parsley.

For a delicious accompaniment to a hot cup of coffee or tea, give these Cherry Oat Scones a spin! Whole Wheat Flour and Whole Grain Oat Flour combine to create scones with a hearty texture and delicious flavor, thanks to fresh cherries, cardamom, pecans and almond extract.


Grapefruit Crab and Avocado Couscous Salad

Lettuce will be in season for months to come—do you have your stockpile of recipes ready? Don't forget about these Grapefruit, Avocado and Crab Couscous Salad Wraps, a delectable and very special recipe we can't get enough of (true story: we devoured these at the office last spring after the photo shoot). Whole Wheat Pearl Couscous is tossed with a champagne vinaigrette, fresh herbs, citrus, avocado and fresh crab, and then wrapped in lettuce leaves. Truly delicious!

This Couscous Salad with Walnuts and Feta Cheese highlights romaine lettuce, which is a sturdy and tasty addition to this salad, made with Golden Couscous, walnuts, tomatoes, mushrooms and feta cheese. It's the perfect side for countless spring dishes, or enjoy as a main course.


Juicy, sweet mangos are slightly peppery in flavor and an excellent source of vitamin C. While this delicious, sunny-colored fruit is delectable on its own, we especially love it in these Toasted Coconut-Mango Crostatas. Tender pie crust made with Unbleached White All-Purpose Flour and Fine Grind Cornmeal is filled with a toasted coconut mixture and fresh mango tossed with sugar and a pinch of salt. Enjoy with ice cream or whipped cream!

Mango also offers vivid color and flavor to this Sunshine Daydream Smoothie. Here, mangoes are blended with banana, Pea Protein Powder and pineapple juice. It's a trip to the tropics in a glass!


Strawberry Basil Farro Salad

Of course you can find (giant) strawberries in grocery stores year round, but my-oh-my is it worth it to track down those local spring and early summer strawberries, the kind that are shockingly red all the way through. Of course you can use these delicious berries to make strawberry shortcake, but we love the way they flavor this Strawberry Basil Farro Salad. Organic Farro is tossed with a balsamic-dijon vinaigrette and topped with sliced fresh strawberries, almonds and basil. Delish!

Another excellent use for strawberries is this Habañero Strawberry Chia Fresca, a delightful mixture of strawberries, GloryBee Habañero Honey, fresh mint, Organic Chia Seeds and club soda. This sweet and spicy beverage is also delicious with a shot of tequila (21+ only).

Swiss Chard

Farro Burgers

Swiss chard, like so many delicious leafy greens, is highly nutritious and an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K and magnesium, and a good source of iron and potassium. Unlock the potential of this seasonal favorite in this Swiss Chard and Mushroom Popover Bake. Here, a batter made with Chickpea Flour, milk and eggs is partially baked and topped with sauteed Swiss chard, mushrooms, onion and provolone cheese and baked again.

While these Farro Veggie Burgers don't technically call for Swiss chard, you can easily swap it for the fresh spinach in the recipe to add even more flavor. Organic Farro is mixed with leafy greens, black beans, aromatic veggies, fresh herbs and spices. Eggs, bread crumbs and tomato paste bind everything together so you can pan fry these burgers and enjoy them with your favorite toppings!


Zucchini Fritter

If you are fortunate enough to have a zucchini plant in your backyard, you'll be eating well for months to come! This mild-mannered squash can be used in so many ways: sliced and sauteed, cubed and roasted, stuffed and baked, shredded and used in muffins and quick breads—the possibilities are virtually endless. These 5 Ingredient Zucchini Fritters are more on the indulgent side, but they're an excellent way to use these beauties. Shredded zucchini is mixed with Organic Unbleached White All-Purpose Flour, eggs and spices and quickly pan fried. Top with sour cream to make them extra special!

On the opposite side of the flavor spectrum is our Chocolate Zucchini Mug Muffin. This single-serve sweet is baked in the microwave and can be ready in just five minutes! Whole Wheat Pastry Flour adds nutrition, while cocoa powder and chocolate chips add sweetness.

Mother’s Day

Fines Herbs Quiche

Mother's Day is May 10, and if you're lucky enough to live with (or near) your Mom, we have recipes for an in-person celebration or a no-contact drop off. Brunch is always a popular Mother's Day event, and our Fines Herbs Quiche can be the star of yours! Our Gluten Free Pie Crust Mix holds a delicious savory custard made with eggs, cream, finely sliced white onions, fresh herbs and gruyere cheese. Fantastic.

These delicate Cheese Blintzes with Blueberry Sauce are always a hit. Thin, crepe-like pancakes made with Unbleached White All-Purpose Flour are filled with a combination of ricotta and cream cheese and topped with a sweet and zesty blueberry sauce.

If you're looking for a recipe easy enough for the kids (with adult supervision), check out these Easiest Sheet Pan Pancakes! The basic recipe calls for just two ingredients: Homestyle Pancake & Waffle Mix and water. Then you can add the toppings of your choice: chocolate chips, fresh fruit, maple syrup and whipped cream are always welcome.

Bundt cakes are easy and delicious, but still look fancy: our Pistachio Bundt Cake is rich and light, made with Unbleached White Fine Pastry Flour, olive oil and Greek yogurt, and flavored with pistachios, lemon, vanilla and cardamom.

May the Fourth

Wookiee Cookies

On May 4th, tell your friends and family "May the fourth be with you" and celebrate with Star Wars-themed goodies! Our Chewie Chocolate Cookies are substantial yet sweet, just like everyone's favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca! Made with Unbleached White All-Purpose Flour, Whole Wheat Flour and Shredded Coconut, they're flavored with cinnamon and spices and rich chocolate chunks.

If you're a fan of Princess Leia's "cinnamon buns" hairstyle, create an homage to Carrie Fisher with these Quick Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Glaze. These really are quick, in that you use Baking Soda and Baking Powder instead of yeast! Organic Whole Wheat Flour and Organic Unbleached White All-Purpose Flour are mixed with buttermilk and melted butter and filled with sugar and cinnamon. A rich cream cheese glaze makes them even sweeter!

Finally, if you're always wanted to try out some blue milk, blend up this Blue Island Smoothie Bowl! Banana, avocado and pineapple are whirled with Protein & Fiber Nutritional Booster, coconut milk and water, almond butter and blue spirulina powder. Pour it in a glass and sip away!

What are your favorite May produce choices? Have any go-to recipes up your sleeve? Post them below, and we'll see you next month.

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