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Caption Contest

Yesterday afternoon, I came across this photo of Bob. I immediately thought this would make a great photo for a caption contest. Bob was so excited that he insisted on picking the winner himself and felt it imperative that we also do a caption contest for a second photo—this one of his assistant, Nancy Garner. To say Nancy is Bob’s assistant does not nearly do her job justice. She works tirelessly with Bob on all of his projects and accompanies him to speaking engagements, trade shows and events of every variety. They can often be found playing piano together at our World Headquarters or enjoying lunch at our Whole Grain Store.

Here’s the contest:

Write a caption for one or both photos here or on Facebook. I will post both photos on Facebook and you must enter the caption as a comment under the photo or it will not be counted. Let’s keep it clean; any inappropriate comments will be deleted. Bob and Nancy will choose the captions they like best and the winners will receive a $50 Bob’s Red Mill Gift Card that can be used on our website. On your comment, be sure to indicate Caption A for Bob’s photo and Caption B for Nancy’s photo.  This photo was taken for an ad, here is the actual caption that will be used: “I want you… to eat whole grains.” Get creative, get funny, but don’t use that caption. Bob and Nancy will pick the two winners on 03/31/11 and I will announce them here, on April 1st.

Caption A: Bob's Photo

Caption B: Nancy's Photo



Ann says:

A: Yes, you, have I told you we have gluten free products

B: Gluten free or not, you’ll love baking those cookies tonight.

paul s says:

hey hello! who was the winner of the caption contest, and what was the winning caption? i dont seem to see that you posted the winner anywhere? P.

Hi Paul! We had so many entries that it’s taking us longer to pick winners than originally anticipated. Bob has all of the captions and is working on picking his winners. I’d expect we’ll have a winner by early next week. Thank you for your patience.

Corey says:

“Bob’s Red Mill, it’s not just my red mill, it’s YOURS too.”

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