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Bob's Big Birthday News!
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Bob’s Big Birthday News!

Bob's vanilla cake featuring Charlee and him.

Bob's vanilla cake featuring Charlee and him.

We celebrated Bob's 81st birthday on Monday with cake, cake and more cake. It takes a lot of cake to share with 209 employees. In addition to sharing his cake, Bob announced that he, along with his partners in business,  is passing ownership of this company into the hands of his employees. This ensures the future of Bob's Red Mill will be managed by employees who care passionately about the company's success.

Employees were overwhelmed with the announcement and heartened to hear that their future is secure with this new development. For years, Bob has declined offers to buy the company or take the company public. Most of my coworkers have been uncertain about what will happen in five, ten years. Bob's gift to us has ensured that the employees and the company will have a future together.

What does this mean for you? Really, nothing much. The company will continue to produce high quality whole grains and gluten free foods as we always have. Don't worry, Bob isn't going anywhere. Possibly my favorite quote from all of his interviews this week is this one from The Oregonian, "I may have given them the company,'' he said, chuckling, "but the boss part is still mine."

Partners Bob Moore, Robert Agnew, Dennis Gilliam and John Wagner sign over ownership of the company Tuesday morning.

Partners Bob Moore, Robert Agnew, Dennis Gilliam and John Wagner sign over ownership of the company Tuesday morning.

Want more info?

Read the article on the front page of The Oregonian. Read the press release.




  1. Joan Kattenhorn
    This is a great thing ! It is great to know that the owner of the company trusts his employees enuf that he leaves his company in their hands. Sooo as someone who was recently diagnosed with a longgggg list of allergies and now rely heavily on your products - don't change a thing - be creative and come up with more !! (that would be gluten, egg, dairy, yeast free products)
  2. Paola N
    We've relied on Bob's Products for a little over two years and now more than ever, we will continue to purchase this great Gluten-Free products because of the love and passion that is put into this company!
  3. aravir
    This story has hit #2 on the Daily Kos recommended list. Well done!
  4. Annie
    How amazing? great products made by great people!
    I will continue using your products now more than ever.
    Happy Birthday Bob!
  5. Steve
    I was very moved by the announcement of the company being turned over to the employees! I have been a big supporter of your company for a long time and this confirms all the good vibes (and excellent pizzas) that have resulted from your products. Best wishes to you all and I hope many others are inspired by this news.
  6. Shelby
    I love your products so much and I think it is so admirable that you are turning your company over to your hard-working employees! Shine on!
  7. Kris
    Happy Birthday, Bob! You have given such a wonderful gift to everyone on your birthday - thank you for solidifying my faith in you, your company, and your products. Giving the company to the employees instead of selling out to Big Food Companies is remarkable - and it makes makes me want to give you all a big hug. You are my primary source of GF products, and I look forward to trusting you with my health for many years to come.
  8. Janice
    This is the best story about American business I have heard in the past decade at least! Bob, you are a wonderful inspiration for your achievements, your humility, and your recognition of your colleagues. Happy Birthday!
  9. Karla
    This is so great to hear! Happy Birthday Bob!
  10. Larry Blair
    Happy Birthday Bob!
    You are the Man! I listen to the video on a news cast and was so touched. Thank you for working hard and doing good for yourself and looking at your employees as people like you and not a number. I hope the employees continue your morals and the company thrives. You make anybody wish they could do the same.
  11. Adriana Ruane
    Wow I can't believe that are still great people like Bob around. That's why I want to move to Oregon. I have been buying his products for over 20 years and their the best.
  12. Cathy K
    Bob, thank you for delicious, healthful food and for setting an example of generosity. This is what America is all about!
  13. Ann Hobbs
    There are alot of wonderful people in this world. Looks like Bob is one of them. Happy Birthday.
  14. Kelly Frances
    Thank you very much. I live in Korea and enjoy reading world news. Your story DID brighten my day and listening to you speak has inspired me to push a little harder for the things I value most. Thank you Sir. Happy Birthday, and congratulations to your staff.
  15. Mariposa Market
    Happy Belated Birthday!!!
    It is good to hear that there are still people in this world with this kind of integrity. Thank you in the name of several employees at our small market in Willits California.
  16. Tea
    Happy Birthday! I love your products.

    Can we have the recipe of your cake. They look so good.
  17. MJ
    How wonderful! Yet another reason to love your company. You helped me bring down my cholesterol by 10% when I switched to having Bob's brand oatmeal for breakfast. Sometimes I'm forced to buy other brands when the store is all out of Bob's, and morning is just not the same. Thank you for your wonderful products. I have a close family member with autism, and am very happy to see that you support autism causes.

    Happy Birthday and here's to many more!

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