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A Messsage from Bob and Charlee Moore Regarding the OHSU Nutrition and Wellness Institute

Dear Friends,

As many of you may be aware, my wife Charlee and I recently made a commitment to make a donation to Oregon Health & Science University. We have dedicated our lives to improving health throughout the world and our intent in helping OHSU establish a nutrition and wellness institute was to focus on childhood obesity, chronic disease, much of which begins at a very early age — even at conception and in the womb. Our monies are dedicated to support research toward better nutrition, with a particular focus on development in the womb, as well as related education and community outreach. It has come to our attention that some people may be concerned about how our donation is to be used at OHSU and whether any of it will go toward animal research.

I assure you that no part of our donation will be used to fund animal research. It was never our intent that any of our gift be used in that way. We have discussed these concerns with OHSU and reaffirmed their commitment that our donation will only be used to improve nutrition and wellness in a manner consistent with our intent. Here is a link to a statement from Dr. Mark Richardson, who is the Dean of the OHSU School of Medicine (, which confirms OHSU’s commitment to use our donation only as we intended.

We are confident that in working together with OHSU we can have a profound impact on health and wellness for many generations to come, and we thank you for your kind messages.

To your good health,

Bob and Charlee Moore
Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods

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Laura says:

Here’s my last message edited to be “nice,” so maybe you’ll approve it now?


“He can’t tell them to use the money to move animals off campus!”
Of course they can do that and they should…NOW is the time.

“…trying to send people over to this Lori on another page”?

It’s BRM’s facebook page and totally relevant to this thread. You’re either with those who want “lab animals” to suffer for them, which is the cruelest fraud ever perpetrated on everyone especially animals, or you’re with my side and against all that…there’s no middle ground…no compromising with animal abusers. And yes, they do. Life in a cage is torture enough on its own.

Yes, it is a big deal. NOW is the time to stop it with the power of $25 mil, otherwise this is an awful failure and will taint this company forever in the eyes of truly compassionate, intelligent, honest people.

Michael says:

As a regular Bob’s Red Mill customer and a vegan, I appreciate that the money won’t go for animal testing. Thanks to Bob and Charlee for their stand on this. However, OHSU has a well-documented record of animal atrocities that make what the Nazi’s did to animals seem like a sideshow. I hope Bob and Charlee will see their way to reviewing this documentation, and reconsider their pledge. There are plenty of research institutions, both ones that animal test and ones that don’t, with stellar track records when it comes to animal welfare. I in no way support animal testing and experiments, but if they must give the money to an institution that does, then I hope they’ll consider the track record.

Jennifer Smith says:

Due to this recent donation from Bob’s Red Mill which I have supported for many, many years (since there were a small outfit off River Road in Milwaukie) I will no longer purchase any of their products. It is non-relevant what issues the donations supports if the donation is going to OHSU. Until OHSU stops and releases all primates and discontinues testing I will not knowingly support any business that donates to them.

KS says:

“It is non-relevant what issues the donations support if the donation is going to OHSU”. Right. How about you take a visit to OHSU…one of the top hospitals and research centers in United States, and then tell me that supporting OHSU for their primate studies (which is a VERY minuscule part of the university) is a bad idea. The fact that you’re basing your entire opinion on one single factor shows how narrowminded your views are.

Shel says:

PHYSICIANS COMMITTEE FOR RESPONSIBLE MEDICINE – The same group that put billboards up in Wisconsin that implied eating cheese directly causes death. They were immediately presented with a copyright infringement over the use of another company’s product in the advertisement. How very “responsible” of them…

I applaud Bob & Charlene for putting their money where they felt it would do the most benefit. We know much about animal nutrition because of such research, but there haven’t been enough into human nutrition. And for people who don’t know- not all animal research is harmful according to the research protocol. It’s only because of involvement of outside forces that animal research has to be “fatal”, ie- have an end point for the animal. Simply taking blood samples over a small period of time to check hormone levels MUST lead to a final/fatal end. The animal can’t be returned to live out a life of leisure on a farm. It MUST be terminated.

How about eating “a species a day” or teaching people to eat local and less processed foods? Or learning to rely less on large manufacturers and more on our local producers. Let’s teach people how to bake again, or how to cook a real meal; how to raise chickens, how to grow a urban garden… These are much more productive methods of reaching new people.

Bob- good for you for giving back to the community! Be well!

Magda says:

I have been a regular Bob’s Red Mill customer for years. However, because of Bob’s decision to donate to such a horrible organization as OHSU, I will no longer purchase any Bob’s Red Mill products and will also recommend to all my friends and family that they do the same.
There are plenty of outstanding and upstanding organizations this money could be donated to if ethical, responsible nutrition research is the goal. I will not support a company that funds OHSU, an organization that not only conducts animal testing, but does it in such an unethical way that it can only be described as mistreatment and torture. It doesn’t matter whether Bob’s Red Mill funds are directly funding the animal testing, by supporting OHSU, they are implicitly condoning their policies and practices.

Laura says:

I bought my first non-Bob’s flaxseed meal recently and will continue to boycott Bob’s products, and I used them a lot before this shameful funding of vivisection they are doing. We need a solution to this awful problem; Bob’s needs to use their $25 million influence to get OHSU to go animal free and out of the vivisection business. How on earth could otherwise kind people have done something so cruel. I do not understand this… very sad about this. Please, Bob’s, take some positive action to fix this.

Laura says:

Shel’s criticism of PCRM above is dishonest. They are an upstanding and credible organization. So, they had a copyright issue with a cheese company, so what? Most cheese is loaded with sodium and saturated fat and contributes to clogged arteries and heart disease…no one can honestly deny that. Of course those in the animal abuse industries will defend each other, as well as defend Bob’s decision to fund OHSU which is a vivisection facility. Please choose the compassionate and honest side, Bob’s, and help get the animals out of OHSU’s labs for good.

Rob says:

Whether or not the Moore’s donation is used to directly fund vivisection, it frees up OHSU funds previously allocated to other programs and allows them to now be poured into vivisection. While OHSU continue to have a vivisection program, ANY donation to OHSU will directly or indirectly support horrifying, unethical, and unnecessary acts of animal cruelty that would be illegal if they were performed on humans.

Marcee ..... ILLINOIS says:

Wow … this is shocking information. Reading all of these paragraphs/insights, made me ill …. sick to my stomach.

I do not fully understand why these cruel, animal murderers were gifted with 25 million dollars in the first place.

For sure, I will do my best to learn what this is really all about.

Yes. Sure …. BRM products should not be purchased any longer. Animal cruelty isn’t at all necessary to test flour. Totally absurd.

Marcee ..... ILLINOIS says:

Okay. I read (the mill owners) article three times. It seems sincere. But, how do we know OHSU is being truthful?

What happens when this so-called Dr. Mark Richardson resigns ….. or completely goes against the agreement not to harm animals?

I don’t know. Trusting these research labs/schools is a huge/giant gamble.

I do know this ….. someone must be a shrewed detective …. for years and years to follow …. making absolutely 100% certain helpless animals will not be abused in these studies. Whatever they are.

How about teaching parents to teach/show their kids to eat less?? There are hundreds of ways to eliminate becoming fat. Killing and murdering countless animals will never solve anything in our world.

truly incredible article, thank you

Laurie says:

Unless there is something in writing(a legal contract),or stipulation that a single individual or group of individuals be put into place to act as “watch dogs” over OSHU School of Medicine;no one can be certain what the donated money will be funding.If OSHU has and does use vivisection of lab animals as part of it’s medical studies,the temptation to continue or even advance that horrific practice will be more than a temptation,after receiving such a donation.
I am so dismayed the school of medicine received the donation.I believe the school also has a large holistic,health and wellness dept,why not donate to them,with the certainty there would be no animal torture. I believe the Moore’s were well intended,but made a terrible mistake.

Unfortunately,I have been a steady consumer of BRM products,now I will have to look else where…won’t buy their products any longer.

Stephanie says:

I appreciate that the Moores have taken lengths to ensure their donation will not be used for vivisection. But I must agree with the idea that a large donation frees up budget so that researchers can fund anything they want–including animal torture. And that’s what it is, whether it’s a rat or a primate. Torture. For what? Generally poor results that don’t translate to human outcomes. So alas, I, too, will have to reconsider my Bob’s Red Mill purchases. A darn shame, too, because they are great products.

Bev says:

I recently purchased Bob’s Red Mill nutritional yeast. As a vegan, I am shocked at this information. I have to agree with the majority here. A boycott of your products is in order. Shame on you.

Grace Rowe says:

By boycotting Bob’s Red Mill products you are not hurting Bob and Charlee Moore. They kindly gave the company to the employees for Bob’s 80th birthday. Bob’s Red Mill is now an Employee owned company that I continue support!!

Denny Nelson says:

In my opinion Bob and Charlee Moore and Bob’s Red Mill is one, (if not, “the”), finest I have ever known. People who have the time to find fault with and complain about a company with the ethics of this one seriously have little to do with thier lives.

The Dollar Family says:

As a former PDX’er who lived within walking distance of Bob’s Red Mill, I can say that their products are superb. Without Bob’s products it would be very hard (to say the least) for my wife and I to find the low carb alternatives we need for our health issues. Having gone to OHSU for seizures and my father going there for cancer treatment, I think it’s a wonderful university and honestly, show me an American medical university that isn’t ‘corrupt’, uses their funding ‘correctly’, lets students affordably attain higher education, doesn’t test on animals, and is sustainable. I know we hold institutions to a higher level in OR, but come on, godliness will never be any company.

People’s opinions differ, someone will always be the bad guy even if that someone is your good guy. Bob’s donation clearly had a well-intentioned thought process. The company even went out of it’s way to get a OHSU response and post it. Give these wonderful people a break. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. Find something else; our family will pick up your funding slack. Good luck finding a brand of comparable quality and ingredient purity, hope you enjoy ordering through the internet. -The Dollars

Flash says:

Dear Bill and Charlee,

I know I’m coming late-to-the-game on this, but I was deeply saddened upon discovering this news. What’s most upsetting is the fact that the money which was donated came from consumers like me who purchased your products in confidence. So basically this means that I have indirectly, yet unknowingly, donated to an institution which I believe conducts morally unethical experiments on animals. I don’t have confidence that Bobs Red Mill knows their customer base anymore or really cares about the well-being of their costumers, because knowing my money was given to OSHU has caused me much pain and has cad pain to so many other former Red Mill customers.

For the record, the letter from the Dean you point to is gone. The URL leads to a page which no longer exists. I guess once OSHU got their money, they felt their work was done.

Although I no longer support your company and will no longer be purchasing your products (and instructing friends and family to do the same), I do believe your hearts were in the right place and wish only the best for you.

Thank you for your feedback. We’ll make sure Bob sees it.

Mars says:

I will no longer be supporting your product. I think you are naive to the games played by OHSU and the animal research…..I would NEVER give anything to an establishment engaged in the horrific methods used in animals research. Why would you believe them…..they are not honest or truthful in any of their practices…that I know of…
Best wishes.

Jessica says:

Thank you, Bob and Charlee –
Though the sentiment is years late, I want to extend my thanks for your incredible contribution to OHSU. This is a huge investment that will inevitably have a direct impact on the lives of those I love at one time or another as they utilize OHSU for their services. And thank you for requiring your investment to not fund animal research – this sends a statement to future philanthropists to also restrict their funds and to help OHSU and all other research hospitals to move away from vivisection. I am proud to be a Bob’s Red Mill consumer!

gia says:

i am looking for products that don’t do animal testing or support anyone that does.

i know arm and hammer does animal testing and so i don’t want their baking soda, so I looked up red mill and saw the article from 2011 about supporting the orgeon college that does engage in animal testing.

please reply back to me and let me know where you stand at this point in regard to animal testing. upon your reply, i will make my decision to continue to buy your products or not

thank you in advance

Hi Gia,

Thank you for reaching out. We do not support animal testing. As you can see by the letter from Bob above, our support for OHSU prohibits the use of animal testing in their work in the Moore Institute. Our funds help support research into the first 1000 days of life, prenatal and postnatal nutrition and the role nutrition plays in the development of health and disease. Our products are not tested on animals.

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