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Battle Ground Barkery

We get contacted daily by business who are doing something remarkable with our products. Battle Ground Barkery is one of these truly special companies working to uplift their community while providing work experience for young people. At Battle Ground Barkery, high quality dog treats are hand crafted by students with disabilities from Bob’s Red Mill ingredients. Students from Battle Ground High School bake the hand-cut dog biscuits then send them to a complementary program called “Futures.” Futures workers package and market the dog biscuits, selling them in shops around Battle Ground, Washington. Futures provides training and work experience for young adults with disabilities who have moved on from the high school program.

A group from Battle Ground Barkery (love that this is a bark-ery) came to tour our mill last week and left some of their wheat-free, all natural dog treats for the dogs in the Bob’s Red Mill family. Well, let me tell you, these were a HUGE hit at my house. After giving my dog one of these treats, he was not convinced that one was enough and continued to sit and wiggle trying to get another. He sat, he sat VERY still, then he wiggled, he laid down, he did his one trick, he even whined a little. For all of that I had to give him another and I didn’t feel bad about it- there are exactly 10 ingredients in these cookies and I know what each of them is. They’re a great size and the bone shape makes them easy to break in two for smaller dogs.

Sadly, these are not yet available online for purchase. Visit their website ( or contact them at for more info about this wonderful program.barkery


Lanie says:

I would buy these for my dogs, they look great. What a wonderful story and great example. Congrats to the students, it must be so rewarding for them to see their product come to life!

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