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Introducing Four New Granolas and a Chance to Win

Let me rephrase that… Introducing Two New Granolas and Two Reformulated Granolas! Yes, we’ve been working in our product development lab again which means we’ve got some new things to share with you.

We have always loved our granola, but over the years we have become disappointed with its lack of crunchy clusters and slightly embarrassed by its ingredients (read: maltodextrin). We wanted a clean ingredient list that we could bring home to our grandmothers and, gosh darn it, we wanted crunchy clusters to mix in our yogurt! We’ve spent the last few years tweaking and perfecting our granola until we came up with four granolas that we would feel confident entering in the state fair.

What did we do to make these granolas outshine their previous selves? First, we cleaned up the ingredient list a bit to use things like honey and molasses instead of maltodextrin. Second, we changed the equipment to allow for larger clumps of granola and prevent the clumps from jostling too much and crumbling apart. Finally, we decided to add two brand-new flavors to make these granolas even more irresistible—Cinnamon Raisin and Honey Oat (my personal fav). The two flavors we reformulated to be even more delicious are our Natural and our Apple Blueberry Granola.

These new granolas are available on our website (on sale for the month of April) and will start appearing on store shelves in the coming months. I wish I could say they were gluten-free, but I can’t. Rest assured, gluten free folks, we have something special in the works for you and hope to introduce it this fall.

We want to share our love for these new products by offering you a chance to be among the first to try them. I’m giving away four packages of granola- one of each flavor- to 10 lucky winners! AND I’m going to make it easy on you to enter.

How to Enter:

Four packages of granola is A LOT of granola, so all you need to do to enter is leave a comment here  on the blog or on our facebook page and tell me ONE person that you would share this prize pack with and why. I’m not going to tell you how you should share it, but it seems to me that everyone knows someone who would love a package of granola. I’ll select 10 entries by random selection from all of those who enter by 04/15/11 at midnight. I’ll announce winners on 04/18.


Peter Koonce says:

I am going to share it with a friend from Texas, where Bob’s isn’t quite as big and they love granola.

Misty says:

I would share with my kids! They both LOVE granola, especially with some tasty Greek yogurt. What a great giveaway, you are awesome!

I would share with my husband, since he so rarely gets to eat breakfast, as he leaves for work before seven. He could take it with him.

Elysabeth says:

I’d share it with co-workers- advertising for Bob’s, and get to share it when it’s fresh. ]

Philippe Kozub says:

I would share it with my girlfriend because she made a delicious and nutritious breakfast for us recently and I would love to return the favor. If I had a surplus, I would donate to Food Not Bombs, the volunteer organization providing food to me and many other fortunate folks.

Marlo says:

I would share it with my fiancé and VERY soon to be husband. He starts work early… We leave the house at 4:30 each morning to carpool… So I credit him to getting me back into eating breakfast. We eat your Scottish Oatmeal and Steel Cut every morning. Thank you for such great products. I look forward to trying your oatmeal. Enjoy your day!!!…

Sarah W says:

I would share it with my Dad. He loves granola but rarely buys it for himself since it’s usually so expensive. This would be a real treat that I would be thrilled to share with him.

Kim Philpot says:

I love granola and even make it at home sometimes – not often enough though. I would give a bag to 2 different co-workers, as I know they love healthy yummy goodies too. Then, I would share my bag with my husband and daughter – we would have yummy yogurt parfaits with granola and berries in layers!
Granola rocks!

Tanya says:

Wow….never tried your granola! I love that it’s low in fat, because way too many have added oils with way too much fat and calories. I’d love to share some with my blog readers, if I can stand to part with any of it 🙂

I’m sure this would be really tasty with the hempmilk I have! (maybe I could even take some on my upcoming overseas trip)

Linda C says:

I am always looking for healthy granola that isn’t packed with processed sugars and other unnecessary ingredients and am excited about the new granolas. If I won, I would share them with some of my coworkers as we are always watching what we eat, especially in an office environment where processed,fatty and sugary foods are prevelent.

Deborah says:

I would share it with some of the older people in our apartment building who most certainly have trouble making ends meet and could use a healthy boost to their diet.

We love your products and are slowly trying our way through the entire palette. Thank you!

heather says:

Yum!! I would share it with my husband because I love him.

Jennifer Mourikis says:

Really awesome granola with big chunky “crunchies” (as my three year old calls them) is always a huge hit at our house.
If I had some of your new granola, I would- for sure- share it with my boys. 🙂

Miriam says:

I would share the tasty new/reformulated Bob’s Granola with my friends, the ladies of the Fort Lewis Cycling Team to help power them to regional and national championships (we already live off your GF brownie mix).

Jane says:

I’d share it with my boyfriend. Convincing him that he can improve his diet by consuming whole grains is sometimes an uphill battle, and often it seems to result in him opting for things that are only “wheat” in name (i.e., things that are clearly just dyed brown and aren’t actually made of whole grains). There’s so much that can be done with granola– I love it paired with Greek yogurt and some fruit– that can move it beyond a breakfast food or a dessert and into a hearty and satisfying lunch or dinner. (I’m going to go eat some granola right now, I think.)

jen says:

I would share it with my boyfriend since he loves granola too!

Kevin Kelley says:

I would share it with the woman I love who has changed my life, getting me to eat healthier, introduced me to sprouted grain bread, plain yogurt and brown rice farina, my favorite hot cereal.

David says:

I would share with my coworkers and friends.
I know they will love it, and pass the word onto their friends

Kelli Jo says:

I would share it with my personal trainer….for all her help teaching me how to eat clean and exercise and helping me lose 100 pounds!!

Ali H says:

I would share it with my wife because we both love granola!

Tricia R. says:

I’d share it with my mother who is a granola connoisseur 🙂

Jillian says:

With my MIL, she was the one who got me hooked on Bob’s Red Mill in the first place!

Terri says:

I would share it with my twin sister, who doesn’t live close by. That would mean she’d have to come for a visit, and that would make it all worth it!

Debra says:

I will share it with my daughter, who loves it on yogurt and baked on top of muffins.

Wendy says:

I’d share it with my sister. We love using granola in our yogurt and figuring out new recipes to use it in. (Like making our own granola bars). <3

sara says:

my dad eats granola everyday so I would share it with him. My 5 kids also love granola, so this would be eaten up very quickly~


Theresa Miller says:

I would share this with my in-laws. They are currently moving to Pennsylvania from Dallas TX. They are renting while modifications are being done to my home. They will be living out of boxes in the meantime. Granola is a great comfort food Hopefully they can feel at home while they are away from home!

I would share these with my husband who eats a lot of sugary granola and a few clients who need some healthier granola options. Unfortunately, I’m gluten-free and look forward to your upcoming GF option. However, I know quite a few ppl who would love to try these and follow my lead when it comes to food.

Sarah Kennedy says:

I would share it with my “mom”‘s group here in Atlanta. I’m an Oregonian and love spreading the word about Bobs Red Mill! (especially to new moms!) 🙂 fun!!

Donna says:

I’d share with my husband and son! They do a lot of hiking and we could use it in making our own easy to take along ‘energy’ bars!


Stacie says:

I would definitely share the granola with my husband and three sons who empty the breakfast cabinet on a daily basis.

Nicole says:

I would share them with my co-workers. We eat breakfast at the office when there is not time at home – healthy breakfast!

Ginger says:

I would share with my sister. She is in med school (poor, starving student) and free food is always welcomed.

salina says:

I would share with my friend Anna. She is my partner in experimentation with healthy food. We love Bobs red mill! Would love to try some granola!

Shawna says:

I would share them with my Husband and our parrot Pixel. I’m afraid most of our friends and family would be stumped if we gave them a bag of granola, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind eating some finished bars/cookies/muffins though!

Marshall Bassett says:

I would share it with my beautiful girlfriend. Topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries and a dollop of vanilla yogurt! Awesome

I would share my granola with my cooking students… we might even bake with the honey oat brand.

Darren Pennington says:

I’d like to share some new Bob’s Red Mill granola with Brad Ross the organizer of the Cyclocross Crusade. It’s at the Crusade that I learned about Bob’s Red Mill products. I don’t think Brad eats that healthy when he can’t grab free samples of your oatmeal, so it would be good to give him some other tastes of your fine product.

Meagan says:

My Mom! She loves granola, and Mother’s Day is coming up… 🙂

Lisa C says:

I will share this delightful granola with my pregnant daughter, Aleigha. This way it will actually be shared by three generations! 🙂

I’ll share them with my fiance! Do I have to share? Ok ok, I’ll let him have some. I love my granola!

Tom says:

I will share it with my training partner, Andy. Because we train with grain.

miriam says:

I would share the granola with my dad. He had quadruple bypass surgery 15 years ago and did a great job eating healthy for many years, but he has slipped in to bad habits. I would love to share granola with him to encourage some healthy habits.

Crystal says:

I would share the granola with my Dad. He’s been having some health problems and is trying to eat healthier. I would love to share my love for yogurt topped with a little bit of granola with him using your new granola.

Marcia says:

I would share it with my 9 year old daughter Kate. I make home made granola with BRM oats every week! She would love this!!

Jessica K says:

My fiance. He LOVES granola and eats it at a shockingly rapid pace!

Nutmeg Nanny says:

I would share my granola with my best friend. She and I both adore granola in our Greek yogurt….yum!

Nora says:

I’d share it with my little sister. She goes to college at Colgate in central New York, and sometimes the dining hall can be a little limited for her, since she’s a health nut like me. So she needs yummy breakfast foods to keep in her dorm room kitchen. She loves granola and is on a self-professed search these past five years to find the perfect one. 🙂 This could be it!

Judy B says:

I’d like to share this granola with my 7-year old daughter, Addie. She especially loves granola, and we actually made some last night from scratch, and the ingredients included BRM ground flax seed and almond meal. Anyway, she’s a real sweetheart and loves well-made, tasty food, so I have no doubt anything made by you would be welcome in her mouth and tummy – and mine!

Jen says:

I would share with my hubby & kids! We go thru a lot of granola in our house! Hungry, hard-working hubby & teenagers!

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