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Golden Spurtle Update and a GIVE-AWAY

A spurtle is the perfect tool for making porridge in true Scottish style.

A spurtle is the perfect tool for making porridge in true Scottish style.

On October 11th, team Bob’s Red Mill will be competing in an oatmeal championship in the small village of Carrbridge in the Scottish Highlands. The Golden Spurtle World Porridge Championship draws people from all over Scotland, the UK, the United States to compete for the title of World Oatmeal Champion.

Our team will compete in two categories- best traditional porridge, using salt, water and steel cut oats, and best original porridge where we will enter our Oregon Orchard Oat Brûlée. Our specialty porridge contains four distinct Oregon ingredients- Bartlett pears, dried cherries, hazelnuts and Pear Eau de Vie from Clear Creek Distillery- and is topped with a candied sugar topping.

Bob’s Red Mill has long held the honor of providing the best oatmeal in the country and been praised by customers and chefs alike for chewy, hearty oats. It is time to pit our oats against other champions and bring home the title of Golden Spurtle Champion.

What is a spurtle anyways? A Scottish kitchen tool dating back to the 15th century, a spurtle is a rod-like stirring stick that is traditionally used to prevent porridge from becoming lumpy. Tradition also dictates that the porridge be stirred clockwise with the right hand to ward off evil spirits during cooking. You can read more about spurtles here.

As we prepare for our trip and travel halfway round the world, you can track our journey by reading this blog, following us on Twitter and on Facebook.


This week, I’m giving away our first spurtle kit- a lovely myrtle spurtle and a package of steel cut oats. I will randomly select a winner from all who comment on this blog post. Not sure what to say? Wish Matt luck! Winner will be announced on Friday. Watch for giveaways next week.


jw says:

Love your oats.. best of luck!

Karen Quick says:

My mom always hoped that she would be given her great-gram’s spurtle as the previous generations passed & passed it down. Unfortunately, my mom passed and the spurtle has disappeared. To have one of my own (and some GF oats to use it with) would be more than a little cool!

Hallie says:

GOOD LUCK! An oatmeal championship…that’s AWESOME 🙂

Alicia Dingsdale says:

Wow that Oregon Orchard porridge makes my breakfast this morning (Bob’s Red Mill 5-grain w/dried cranberries and walnuts) sound very tame indeed. And now I’m hungry. Thanks!

eko says:

We eat and enjoy all your grains! Have a bag of old fashioned oats waiting for me to make cookies with. All the best in the contest!

Karen Murphy says:

I’m thinking that your special oatmeal recipe with the pears, dried cherries and hazelnuts would also make a really good oatmeal cookie! Breakfast on the go.

I’m not sure yet how to incorporate the Pear Eau de Vie from Clear Creek Distillery, except perhaps in place of vanilla, or maybe to soak the oats in before mixing them in. And, of course, sugar sprinkled on top before baking.

I’m expecting some oats from you soon, and was planning to make some cookies anyway.

Best of luck to all of you in the Scottish competition! Maybe one of you could learn to play the bagpipes before you go. Just for luck, of course.

Diane Crosby says:

Good luck Matt!!

Congratulations, Diane! You were selected as the lucky winner this week for our Golden Spurtle Giveaway. Please email me your shipping address and phone number:

ian mcmillan says:

I remember my grandmother using her spurtle when i was a kid…it wasn’t always used to stir the porridge, if you know what I mean, but I still remember, 65 years later, so it must have done some good!!! Good luck in the competition, and enjoy Scotland…

Jason Howe says:

Spurtle still sounds like a turtle that has become stuck…

“Hey Joe, can you help me with this spurtle”

Penny says:

Just received an order of 25 lbs of your steel cut oats. I’d love to try cooking them with a spurtle. All I have is a wooden spoon but I do stir with my right hand clockwise. That must count for something when it comes to warding off evil spirits right? Good luck Matt!

Ann says:

I love your oatmeal! That specialty porridge sounds awesome! Good luck and bring home that title!

Jill H. says:

Good luck, and your oats rock!

Jane Slater says:

bring home the Golden Spurtle, much luck,hello Cassidy. Good luck

Bob C says:

Good luck Matt and the Team of Bob’s Red Mill. Surely you’ll win the Cook-Off Competition in the Highlands.

blythe harrison-sayre says:

much luck to all from the family that eats Bob’s oats like a religion!
My great grandmother’s ( Talitha McCoy)spurtle was lost in the move across the country – win for all of us Oregon’s who know it belongs here!




Paul Douthit says:

Congratulations from a long time consumer of your steel cut oats.

Pam Evans says:

Congratulations! I have been married to a Scot for 4 years and use Bob’s Red Mill products all the time for breakfast year around. Congratulations on a fabulous honor. I look forward to experimenting more with porridge recipes!


I usually use your Scottish Oatmeal partly bebause it cooks in 4 minutes in the microwave. Then I accidentally, bought a bag of Steel Cut Oats. I did not realize what I had done until I opened the package and then read the directions. I was disappointed that there were no microwave instructions. Since I have no other choice I followed the directions on the package and discovered great tasting oatmeal. Tastes great & has a bit of a crunch with the little bits of oats popping in my mouth. The texture is sort of like soft Grape Nuts.
Congratulations on winning the World Championship.

@Larry We’re so glad you accidentally tried it. Unfortunately, it is not the best for a quick microwave breakfast, but I find it is worth the stove-top wait. One trick to save time in the morning is to cook a big batch and stick it in the fridge. Then, you can scoop smaller batches for the microwave each morning. We’re so glad you liked it. Thank you for taking the time to tell us~

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