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Babycakes Covers the Classics: Giveaway

See? I told you I had loads of good stuff to giveaway. I have more stuff to give away than I can possibly manage!

If you have not yet heard of Erin McKenna’s fabulous bakeries in New York and Los Angeles, Babycakes is a must-try if you’re ever in the area. If you’re not, you can always order her delectable treats online at her website OR you can buy her cookbooks. Babycakes specializes in gluten free and vegan desserts that are out of this world. I say that from first hand experience. Not only have I tried treats from the cookbooks, a coworker once brought me Babycakes donuts all the way from NYC just so we could see what all of the fuss was about. After a few days in travel, they still tasted amazing.

At the bakeries, Erin creates delectable goodies from spelt flour, as well as gluten free flours. As much as we love Erin and her bakery, we were disappointed to see Spelt Flour as an ingredient in her first book, Babycakes. Nothing wrong with spelt flour, mind you, but it’s hard to get super excited about a new gluten free cookbook that also uses spelt flour. I was profoundly excited when her new book, Babycakes Covers the Classics arrived and there was not a single recipe with spelt flour… but almost all of them use at least one of our gluten free flours!

We did some taste testing around here to be sure this book deserved our full support (ok, we just wanted cookies) and not only did the recipes pass the taste test with us, they passed the test with Bob and others who didn’t know the treats were gluten free.

Erin’s book is available for sale today at and, and will be available for sale on our website in the next month or so. In the meantime, Erin sent us 3 copies to give away to our readers. We’re pairing this awesome book with a package of our Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour, which you will find featured in many of the recipes in the book. In case you missed it, all the recipes in here are gluten free and casein free and vegan!

How to Enter:

We’ve had so many giveaways going that I’ve got to keep it simple or I’ll never have time to pick the winners. Tell us in the comments here (on the blog or on Facebook) about a classic dessert that you’ve always wanted to try as gluten free, but haven’t been brave enough to try. That’s it. I’ll pick 3 winners at random from all of those who enter by 04/19 at midnight.


Kassidy Roskovich says:

I’ve always wanted to try any type of cake, preferably chocolate. My birthday’s coming up soon so I want a vegan gluten free cake that will hopefully turn my dad onto the no dairy and gluten free train. I’ve researched so many types of gluten free cake recipes but I don’t know which one to try! Some have good reviews others bad, and buying gluten free flour is expensive so I want to make sure that when I make it the first time it will taste amazing! I’ve never been to babycakes, but I’ve made the chocolate chip cookies from the first book that my Aunt has, and they tasted amazing! I know this cookbook won’t let me down. (Sorry for the really long post!)

Truc says:

Perhaps it popped into my head because of the book cover, but…donuts!

AmandaonMaui says:

I haven’t tried doughnuts yet. I really want a doughnut. It’s been 3 years!

Libby says:

vegan doughnuts of course!

Danielle says:

I would love a GF vegan boston cream donut or lemon meringue pie!

A yellow cake recipe is what I am the most afraid to try. I am worried about the lightness of the cake. I always go back to carrot cake for my gluten free/vegan friends birthdays, and I wish I had another great option, that I could add variations to. Like a simple yellow cake.
Cheers to you!

I am so lame — I pick donuts too! 😀

I have to chime in here- no one is dumb for picking donuts. How could you resist that cover??

Nicole says:

Alright – donuts do sound delicious. But I also really want vegan gluten free carrot kugel. I tried to convert my recipe into gluten free and vegan and it was a total disaster!! The original recipe requires 9 eggs which is pretty tough to substitute!

Jen says:

GF cupcakes that don’t explode at high altitude when baked! I live at nearly 10K ft & have a difficult time baking.

I want to make pie crust. One of my favorite desserts is called Mocha Ribbon Pie, it’s a cream pie and must be made with crust. I haven’t found a GF pie crust that I like yet.

I must agree with the other comments though… the donuts on the cover look scrumptious! 🙂

Nicole S says:

Eclairs! Haven’t had one in 10 years. I miss them so much!

Nora says:

Definitely profiteroles (a.k.a. cream puffs)! My mom used to make them when I was little.

Dana B says:

I have to say the donut on the cover looks so good that I would love to make that! 🙂

I’m nervous and have yet to try making Carrot Cake — the spices are so intense, there’s a lot of butter, and the carrots are heavy. I’m just not sure how the light gluten free flours will hold up!

K says:

Mmm, so many to choose from. I think it would have to be carrot cake. It was always my favorite!

Brandi says:

I’m not gluten free, but I liked like to start experimenting with gluten free flours.

Hmmmm…crumb cake or coffee cake I’d love to try gluten free and vegan of course.

LeAnn S says:

Maple bars…..I really miss being able to eat a maple bar.

Doughnuts (longer, proper spelling) Or donuts (shortened spelling for marketing purposes). I don’t care how you spell it. Great minds think alike. Gimme some.

Todd says:

I’d so love a great basic, all-purpose cake recipe that was gluten free. My grandmother was a cake decorator for years and always found new and interesting ways to extend her basic cake recipe.

Soft, moist and not too heavy. I’m in!

Ashleigh says:

I have to admit that I am terrified of making gluten-free cupcakes (even though there are recipes online). If a cake doesn’t rise, that’s maybe one or two flat blobs staring me back in the face… but cupcakes collapsing would mean a dozen little failures staring me right in the face.

cathy says:

My mom made strawberry shortcake as a summertime treat when I was kid. It would be great to have a vegan/gluten-free recipe for that!

I have never found a gluten free dessert I have ever liked. I need something for inspiration. This book looks like it might just be the ticket. The cover photography looks scrumptious. I would like to try and make donuts, the ones on the cover. I really miss donuts.

Amy says:

Tiramisu or Pineapple Upside-down Cake

laura penman says:

I’m a baker by trade and being diagnosed with celiacs I’ve been trying the best and delicious of all the recipes I long to make again. I still bake non gluten for my family but recently my father among other health issues found out he had a gluten allergy at 55 years old. I’d love to use this cook book to make my parents an array of delicious treats for their 25th wedding anniversary. Thank you.

Ginger Garza says:

… always wanted to try sour cream coffee cake with crumb cake topping

Natalie Gibbs says:

I would love to make a gluten-free Angel Food Cake.

I have been experimenting with gluten-free flours and would love inspiration. Yay for Babycakes!

Denise says:

Always want to try to make Gluten Free Madeleines.

I want to try a Gluten-Free AND Dairy-Free Strawberry Shortcake! YUM!

I would love to try a gluten free cupcake.

Rachel Cantu says:

I adore the Rum Cakes that my good friend Luann makes at Christmas… They are moist, sweet, and have just enough rum to warm your tummy with a perfect cup ‘o joe. I have been gluten-free for just over a year now and have never felt better…but, I DO miss those Rum Cakes!! It would be a dream come true to figure out how to make a GF version!!

Jean says:

Cherry pie, lemon meringue pie, tiramasu

Debi says:


Looking for cf/gf recipes to try for my daughter (studies show that autistic behavioral issues improve with special diet).

Celia says:

Donuts, definitely. I am fairly confident about most GF desserts, but I’m worried about getting the right dough for GF donuts.

Konoups says:

I’ve always wanted to try a gluten free hummingbird cake but never had the courage to do this….. on my list of things to do….

[…] folks over at the Bob’s Red Mill blog are giving away a copy of the new Babycakes cookbook, Babycakes Covers the Classics.  I was disappointed by the first book, since it uses spelt a lot […]

sas guenther says:

I love cinnamon rolls. I mean I LOVE them. Yet ever since I became gluten intolerant, I haven’t had the guts to try to make a gluten free version. Oh I miss cinnamon rolls so so much!

I have been trying to make gluten and dairy free croissants and I would love to make yeast raised donuts and gluten and dairy free puff pastry.

Tracy says:

Donuts! My husband is ALWAYS asking me to try making him donuts. Even just the photo on the book cover had him begging me to try them!

OK, I have to admit that the cover of the book seems impossible. GF Donuts? Prove it! I would love to try this and let my blog readers know if it works. If it does, I’d be happy to post about it in The Little Catholic Kitchen at Kathleen’s Catholic. I have a friend who hasn’t been able to enjoy donuts in years; wouldn’t this be a wonderful surprise for her!

Denise says:

A chocolate cream pie with a really good flaky crust or donuts

Jamie says:

Pound cake. Or something other ridiculously dense (but moist) cake. I have recipes that call for a pound cake, but I’m afraid a gluten free version would crumble.

Stephanie Klinker-Jones says:

Blondies. All the sugar, when I tried swapping GF flours for the normal flours, I keep ending up with them either burning quickly, or removing them early, and the edges are cooked, but the middle is not- we are ALSO at ghi alt. and it makes some things SO DIFFICULT!!!

Jamie says:

**and by “something other” I mean “some other.” Silly autocorrect.

Michelle says:

vegan gf brownies!

Susan Kelley says:

Definitely donuts. I’ve tried making vegan donuts and not had success; now that my husband is gluten-free I’m even more afraid to try!

Sareh says:

Babycakes! When I first moved to NYC, I made a trip to the bakery that same day! I have been hooked ever since!

Maria says:

banana bread… I have the babycakes 1 book but somehow I have avoiding making it…
I will make donuts though… no fear there 🙂

Melissa says:

I’ve always wanted to try a gluten-free cinnamon roll! I hear Babycakes makes killer ones, like everything else they touch!

Aileen says:

Napoleons as well as shortcake cookies!

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