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Xanthan Gum


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  1. Great, magical thickener. Here are guidelines for using it

    by Moe on 01 Sun,2016


    Amazingly handy thickener. Am using it more and more instead of cornstarch, as this requires no heat to activate and doesn't degrade with boiling.

    Did some research to find amounts and methods. See:

    See the write-up: http://feedme.typepad.com/my_weblog/2016/01/xanthan-gum-magical-food-thickener.html

    Basically, 1/8 tsp per cup of liquid is 0.2% and will thicken slightly; 1/4-1/2 tsp per cup (0.25-0.5%) meets most needs. 2.5 grams is one teaspoon.

    Use a hand blender to avoid clumps and activate it.

  2. Difficult to work with

    by Fritz the Cat on 04 Mon,2015

    Xanthan gum is about the most effective product to emulsify oil/vinegar-based home made salad dressings. The main drawback of this product is that it difficult to dissolve completely. Even when using a blender I am always left with a bunch of gooey lumps in the mix. If there is a effective way of avoiding this problem I would appreciate Bob putting some how-to info on the product label.

  3. Great Product! (But not for babies!)

    by D&J on 11 Tue,2011

    Was just reviewing what another poster said about mixing Xathan gum with formula for baby. This could be dangerous. Per Wikipedia "On May 20, 2011 the FDA issued a press release warning "parents, caregivers and health care providers not to feed SimplyThick, a thickening product, to premature infants." The concern is that the product may cause necrotizing enterocolitis. SimplyThick's active ingredi

  4. Great for gluten free baking

    by Angie on 10 Sat,2011

    I use this a lot in gluten free baking with excellent results. It binds the ingredients together and prevents that "crumbly" texture from resulting. A little goes a long way and I've found one bag will last and last.

  5. Definitely this dieter's delight!

    by Gramma M, Calor on 05 Fri,2011

    This is a wonderful thickener for reduced oil or oil free homemade salad dressings. It thickens cold liquid without cooking. Only 1/2 to 1 teaspoon blended into a 2 or 3 cup batch of otherwise watery dressing mimics the texture and pourability of a high fat dressing. I have enjoyed making my own sugarfree and fat free salad dressings which are far less expensive than commercial dressings and ma

  6. Uses other than baking

    by GERDling Mom on 11 Fri,2010

    We actually use Bob's Xantham gum mixed with H20 to form a gel in order to thicken our infant son's formula due to severe reflux! Our Dr. told us to use "simply thick" which must be ordered from a medical supply & is VERY expensive...After lots of research & trials we found that the gel can be made at home with just bob's xantham gum & H20 for far less than half the price of the "medical" thickene

  7. Great for Gluten-Free Bread!

    by Kath on 07 Mon,2010

    Used this to make gluten-free bread. It was the best I've had!

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