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TVP® (Textured Vegetable Protein)


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  1. First time cooking, easy and quick!

    by Bees on 05 Thu,2017


    I've never made anything with TVP before, but it only took me 5 minutes to cook, and after adding seasoning, made some great and tasty taco filler!

  2. Salisbury Steak

    by Ayumi (Forest-Spirit) on 04 Fri,2017


    I make a Salisbury like steak with a rich brown gravy. Washington's Rich Brown Gravy and Seasoning Mix (vegetarian). I grew up in a church that was Vegetarian. I loved the rich meat-like patties and the gravy, but so salty and expensive, and nowhere was there a recipe. Then Good 'Ol Bob came along, Thank You. Still no recipe, so I made one up, and my family and the church the Guinea Pigs, I made some for My Mom to take. With peppers and onions, why you could add 'shrooms if you like 'em, I don't. But buying the TVP around here is expensive as well. I'll be buying it from this site from now on I tell 'ya.
    Eventually I'll do a Meat-less Loaf, Cabbage Rolls, Stuffed This and That... BTW, the Faux Salisbury Steaks were a hit with the family (those who didn't know they weren't meat, thought they were and had 2nd's and 3rd's) and the church-goers liked them as well. Now just got to figure out the recipe. I'm a fly by the cuff kinda cook...

  3. First time using. Great experience

    by MikeInspiresMe.com on 11 Tue,2016


    Made great vegan tacos. Easy to use, great taste and texture, and easy clean up. Definitely will try again!

  4. Great for Tacos

    by Smartypants on 08 Thu,2016


    Bob's TVP is great for vegi tacos (I just use a packaged seasoning such as Old El Paso). Super tasty, quick, GF/vegan and it freezes/reheats well. Cleanup is easy too, because unlike meat it doesn't have any fat. Going to make a nice batch of tacos sometime this week - yum!

  5. excellent product for savoury and sweet recipes

    by doseycat on 08 Tue,2016


    I use tvp in everything from muffins to meatloaf - its a great extender and a good way to boost the protein in baked goods

  6. Versatile Jazziness!

    by Alyssa on 03 Sun,2016


    I saw this in a recipe and bought it with no real expectations or hope of finding anything super spectacular ...but dang ...this stuff is awesome!! I am a vegan and my oldest son is not -we both agree that this product is a must in our weekly recipe list. Easy to use, adopts flavors quickly, and provides a good and meaty texture. We use it in everything from Sloppy Joe's to Mexican and Italian dishes.

    Thank you for making such an amazing product!!

  7. Tastes great - Good source of protein

    by Barb on 01 Mon,2016


    Really great in in chili and chili soup, especially if reconstituted with a bit of beef broth or beef bouillon! I've got a pot of chili soup on the stove right now - perfect for our 14 degree weather here in Ohio!

  8. Perfect!

    by Ginger on 11 Mon,2015


    This is a wonderful meat substitute! Great in chili!

  9. Another excellent product from a wonderful company!

    by LynnieBug on 11 Sat,2015


    Such a great option for vegans! Thank you for providing so many wonderful, healthy options that taste great too!
    To the perhaps new to the internet person who for some reason is unaware that ALL of your products are Real Food (aka non genetically modified), please look at the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section of this thankfully really easy to navigate, even on my little kindle fire. Your GMO question is answered there, 4th Q in the FAQ :) It took me two seconds. I truly wish people would not "review" a product they haven't used. I buy almost everything in my life on-line and rely heavily on reviews, so am very grateful when they are about the product.... and I recommend this product and the great recipes here that incorporate it, especially the burgers!!

  10. Need to know the GMO status of product.

    by Romey on 08 Wed,2015


    I would really like to know if this product is made from non-GMO soybeans?

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