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Sourdough Starter


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Sourdough Starter


In early California, sourdough was as much a part of the Goldrush of 1849 as gold itself. Traveling throughout the West in the packs of miners and settlers, it eventually found its home in San Francisco. The air in the Golden Gate region enhanced the bread made there with a wonderfully distinct taste. San Francisco has become world renowned for sourdough bread. In the United States, and even in areas around the world, San Francisco sourdough is regarded as the benchmark by which all other sourdough breads are judged.

Goldrush has removed the mystery of creating time honored sourdough! With this starter, it is easy to create the tangy flavor and hearty aroma of sourdough bread anywhere in the world! Goldrush Sourdough Starter is naturally produced with only "wild yeast" and no fillers or preservatives. Works well in bread machines, too. Easy-to-follow instructions are included.

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2 Reviews For "Sourdough Starter"

  1. Super Sourdough!

    by Roadrunner on 05 Fri,2011

    This is great stuff and really easy to maintain and use. Follow the advice that comes with the starter and you can't go wrong. They recommend that you treat it like a pet feed and water it every day and keep it warm. I keep mine at room temperature in a large rectangular plastic container.Every day I add about a cup and a half of a mixture of bread flour and water that is about the consistency

  2. Great for baking

    by MiterN on 04 Mon,2011

    This is wonderful and other bake goods. I have purchased these and add them in cards that I send, really is a nice surprise to birthday and anniversary cards. WOULD RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!

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