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Almond Brownies

Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Low Cal, Low Carb.


Step 1

Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease a 9-inch square pan; set aside.

Step 2

Combine the melted butter and cocoa, stirring to combine. Add sugar, eggs and vanilla and beat until smooth. Add the flour, cornstarch, baking powder and salt and mix to combine.

Step 3

Spread into the baking pan and bake 30 minutes.

Makes 16 brownies.


*For casein free baking, make sure to use a non-dairy margarine.
Almond Brownies

Servings: 16



Products Used in this Recipe

Baking Aids
Evaporated Cane Sugar

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Gluten Free
Corn Starch

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Gluten Free
Almond Meal/Flour

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Baking Aids
Baking Powder

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Baking Aids
Sea Salt

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19 Reviews

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Carol Plaia December 23, 2011
These are really delicious - what a treat to have brownies again!
At only half a cup of the almond meal, they are not too costly, either. Im taking them to Christmas dinner, along with raspberry sorbet.
Lauren Abdulrahman January 28, 2012
These are so easy and so delicious! I am making them tonight for the 2nd time. Family loves them!
CArlene November 20, 2012
I am allergic to there a substitute for corn starch?
Bob's Red Mill November 21, 2012
Arrowroot Starch is a great cup-for-cup substitute for cornstarch.
Brandy K November 30, 2012
I add just one egg & another scant 1/4 cup of almond meal to get chewy brownies. Then I cook them on a standard muffin pan to make sure they all have maximum \"brownie crust\" ! YUMMY!
sharon March 16, 2013
Why do the edges rise up and then the center sinks and the edges get a bit too done?
Bob's Red Mill March 19, 2013
Most likely the brownies are baking at too high a temperature so the exterior appears done while the interior has not fully baked, causing the center to cave. I suggest using an oven thermometer to double-check the heat setting on your oven.
TB March 22, 2013
My first low carb dessert!!!! Seriously? OMG...totally takes care of that craving for chocolate. Thanks so much
Colette April 24, 2013
I made these with flax meal instead of almond meal. They are delicious!
Sarah June 2, 2013
Very good made these tonight, used confectioners sugar/brown sugar(mix of both). Also added PB & Chocolate chips, otherwise followed religiously. Tasted great thank you for sharing..
Bree B January 17, 2014
If I add flax meal do I need to use less almond flour? And is it possible to use only egg whites or do I need to use the whole egg?
Bob's Red Mill January 20, 2014
Almond Meal/Flour and Flaxseed Meal can be used one for one. Therefore, if you want to use 50% Flaxseed Meal, you would use 50% Almond Meal/Flour. If wanting to use egg whites in place of whole eggs, you would use 4 eggs.
CMack February 2, 2014
How can these be low carb with the use of the Evaporated Cane Sugar?
Bob's Red Mill February 3, 2014
Our Low Carb section contains recipes with serving sizes that have a carbohydrate count of 5% (or less) of the daily value. This is not dependent to the type of sugar used.
BreeBlack February 9, 2014
Oh my goodness these were AMAZING!! They came out gooey and perfect. My hubby even liked them and he's a brownie pro! Thank you Bob's Red Mill, I don't know what I would do without your products or recipes. I will be making these often, love love loved!
Jennifer February 13, 2014
Wow! These are delicious! They aren't heavy, but they aren't cake-like either. Wonderfully chewy on top and around the edges too. Thanks for the great recipe!
Claire February 20, 2014
Is there a substitute for evaporated cane sugar? Perhaps brown/white sugar combo or maple syrup?
Bob's Red Mill February 21, 2014
You may use brown sugar in place of cane sugar, 1:1. When wanting to use maple syrup, use up to 3/4 cup of syrup per 1 cup sugar. Maple syrup will increase liquid content. By adding additional corn starch, the extra liquid will be absorbed. Keep in mind; we have not tested this.
SeattleAlan March 10, 2014
Excellent brownies! I added 1/2 cup chopped pecans, as I put nuts in almost anything like this. Very satisfying and taking care of the sweet tooth. Gluten free items like this are so expensive otherwise, so it is nice to have these available!

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