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Bob's Favorite Gluten Free Pancakes

This recipe is a huge hit with our customers!


Step 1

In a bowl combine the All Purpose Gluten-Free Baking Flour, baking powder, sea salt and baking soda. In another bowl combine honey, vanilla, vegetable oil and warm water. Mix dry ingredients with wet ingredients; then gently fold in the egg whites.

Step 2

Ladle pancake batter onto a preheated and oiled grill, flip pancakes over when they begin to puff and become lightly browned on the edges.

Step 3

Serve with maple syrup or your favorite fruit.

Makes 8 pancakes.

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 13 minutes

Servings: 8



Products Used in this Recipe

GF All Purpose Baking Flour

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Gluten Free
Baking Powder

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Baking Aids
Sea Salt

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Gluten Free
Baking Soda

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Ratings & Comments (70)

5 Stars  89%  62
4 Stars 4%  3
3 Stars 3%  2
2 Stars 1%  1
1 Star 3%  2


70 Reviews

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Terry December 31, 2011
These pancakes are great - better than most regular flour pancake recipe we have tried!
Emilie January 29, 2012
I think something is wrong with the salt amount here--too salty!
Valerie April 8, 2012
Substitute one egg for the two egg whites, add the egg to the liquid ingredients and prepare according to directions for wonderful crepes that taste just like regular crepes! Omit the salt (and honey) if you wish for the most authentic taste and texture.
Jessica July 22, 2012
This is my family's new favorite pancake recipe. Even if we don't stick to this gluten-free diet I will keep buying the GF Flour for these pancakes.
Cyd November 4, 2012
Gluten or gluten-free, this is the best pancake recipe I've ever tried and most delicious pancakes that I've ever eaten. Bar none.
Bob's Red Mill November 21, 2012
It is not always necessary to add xanthan gum to items like pie crusts and pancakes. If you'd like to add some just to be on the safe side, try 1/2-teaspoon.
Natalie November 16, 2012
I want to make these pancakes but I need to know if I should add xanthan gum or not. I've noticed the back of the package says to do so, unlike this recipe.
Cody November 19, 2012
First time I actually felt like I was eating \"real\" pancakes! Thanks for the GF Flour and the pancake recipe.
Kelly November 25, 2012
Delicious pancakes, though I second the post about too much salt. I will halve the amount next time.
Paula December 8, 2012
We love these. We added in mini choc chips and they are now the favorite pancake recipe.
Kat January 3, 2013
Sorry to bring the ratings down but we didn't like this recipe. It was too runny, salty and this GF flour combination just has a funny smell and taste to it. I'm glad some were able to use it but we probably won't be buying it again or using this recipe.
Autumn January 4, 2013
Why are these so fantastic? I'm not sure how this recipe works so well, but it does. I was in a hurry to make breakfast dinner when I realized my other GF pancake mix had dairy in it. I googled a pancake recipe since I already had Bob's GF flour and bam, best pancakes ever.
Amanda January 6, 2013
These pancakes are delicious. I make wheat pancakes regularly and these are a really good and tasty substitute. Texture is very close too.
You do not need xanthan gum for this recipe.
George January 14, 2013
I made these yesterday...huge success!

As some other reviewers suggested, I halved the salt.
Better than "real" pancakes!

One long will this batter keep?
Im looking for a good rule of thumb for storage.
Any thoughts?
Bob's Red Mill January 15, 2013
Pancake batter can hold for a couple of hours, usually no more than three, and you may need to include extra baking powder. Another option is to cook all the pancakes and then freeze them. They microwave quite nicely!
Judi Petersen January 19, 2013
Not bad! I\'m just venturing into gluten free, so it is a learning process. I\'ll keep this recipe.
Kristen February 12, 2013
Very nice!! It was a hit in my family :) Thank you!
Chris February 17, 2013
Not bad, but a little "beany". I'd add blueberries or chocolate chips next time.
Sarah March 9, 2013
These were so good that the whole family ate them and for the first time didn't know there were gluten free. I will be making these again.
Dinneen March 17, 2013
Bleh. Waste of time and ingredients
Sara March 23, 2013
These were delicious! I'm wheat free (intolerance rather than Coeliac) - gave these to the whole family and all loved them (esp kids). I halved the salt. Also found need to keep adding butter/oil to pan in between pancakes otherwise they stick.
Lexy March 31, 2013
Hi folks--

I'm getting ready to try this recipe for the first time, I have some buttermilk I'd like to use up; can buttermilk be substituted for the water in this recipe without disturbing the chemistry? Thanks.
Bob's Red Mill April 1, 2013
Buttermilk can be used in place of water in this recipe. Baking soda reacts with acid so you may notice increase leaven with the buttermilk. If that is not to your liking, decrease the baking soda to 1/4-tsp.
Brittnee April 9, 2013
These were the best GF pancakes I've made to date. That said, we are high altitude (6200 ft), and the pancakes were a bit flat and had a baking soda/powder taste. Is there an adjustment for high altitude?
Lynette Bryant April 17, 2013
Yummy! I substituted 1/3 of the flour with Bob\\\'s Flaxseed Meal, cut the salt in half and added some cinnamon and nutmeg. Next time I\\\'ll make sure to get some fresh blueberries to add!
Bob's Red Mill April 26, 2013
When making pancakes at high altitudes, reduce the chemical leavener (baking powder or baking soda) by 1/8 - 1/4 tsp per teaspoon.
cassie cary May 12, 2013
hmmm. Not Pancakes really, more like bread :) Thanks I'll use this recipe (mine is egg and dairy free) to make "bread" like recipes like hamburgers n such
Molly May 12, 2013
I gave this a 2 star because we didn't have to throw them out, but they were not good. They were tough and the flavor was bad. Only 1 out of 4 kids would eat them. I would not make these again or suggest them to a friend.
Kristine May 27, 2013
Just made these. I also did not put a lot of salt. They tasted great. I'm the only one that eats gluten free but my 6 year old son and husband both ate them. My son even asked for more. We added blueberries. If I hadn't told my husband it was gluten free he would not have known!
Suzanna November 30, 2013
Amazing! I used coconut oil instead of veg oil and a chia seed egg instead of egg whites. I made them into waffles and I have to say- I wouldn't be able to tell the difference! They were delectable!
Raegan December 6, 2013
I read that you could sub buttermilk for the water, but I'm wondering if you could do so with any milk?
Bob's Red Mill December 9, 2013
When preparing our Bob's Favorite Gluten Free Pancakes recipe, you may use milk or milk alternatives.
Ginger January 3, 2014
This is the worst GF flour ever but I had some to use up to tried these pancakes. They were very thin, not fluffy and not cooked in the middle. I am so glad to be rid of this flour.
Bob's Red Mill January 6, 2014
I'm sorry your experience with our Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour was unsatisfactory. As we have many gluten free pancake recipes, you may be able to find a different one that does not contain our Gluten Free All Purpose Flour.
Emily January 25, 2014
Great, airy & light gluten free pancakes! Love the addition of the beaten egg whites, it makes all the difference. As per the other comments, I used less salt...and a full teaspoon of vanilla helped too. Added blueberries, which was great. No cloying heavy pancake feeling after!
bernie February 7, 2014
can I use the pasteurized egg whites instead of fresh egg whites?
Tad Fitzgerald February 10, 2014
Honestly the worst pan cakes I have ever tasted!
Bob's Red Mill February 11, 2014
Yes, you may use pasteurized egg whites in place of fresh egg whites in our Bob's Favorite Gluten Free Pancakes recipe. As a general rule, 2 Tbsp of pasteurized egg whites will equal 1 fresh egg white.
Bob's Red Mill February 11, 2014
Because we have received multiple complaints regarding our Bob's Favorite Gluten Free Pancakes recipe, I will log it for review.
Lizzy March 21, 2014
Delicious!! I love these pancakes! Small word of advice though...Don't get too impatient and take them off the griddle before they're COMPLETELY done.
Kim J April 3, 2014
I like that it doesn't require extra xantham gum. I don't like that it uses veg oil though or egg whites. I substituted those with melted butter and whole eggs respectively. that necessitated more flour which was fine after I added about 1/4 cup more. Delish!
christina April 12, 2014
I don't eat pancakes but made these for my nephew, who at age 11 is a true pancake connoisseur. I added gf mini chocolate chips to the last few pancakes. He absolutely loved them. I love the use of honey instead of sugar. Thanks for putting great recipes on your site.
entitymike April 13, 2014
Delicious. A bit runny but I can adjust it to thicken it and embellish it with blueberries, chocolate chips, etc. The recipe says for the batter to be onto a preheated and oiled grill instead of griddle. I'm curious if people are BBQ'ing these.
Bob's Red Mill April 14, 2014
Thank you for pointing out that this recipe calls for a preheated grill instead of griddle. This will be corrected.
david Zwicker May 10, 2014
Awesome pancakes! Light and fluffy - better than any other GF pancakes we've made.
Annemarie May 10, 2014
Delicious! Light and fluffy! best GF pancake recipe our family has ever had.
marie May 25, 2014
Thank you, they are light and fluffy.
Best Gluten-free pancakes I have ever had.
Even my gluten loving family loves them.
And when you can not have gluten they are surprisingly divine.
Jenifer May 26, 2014
This is the best pancakes I ever made!! Instead of vanilla...I used almond extract. Part of the water...I used almond milk. And added half of a very ripe banana. Delicious! ! I will be using the GF flour for now on!!!
Chandra D. May 28, 2014
My kids loved this these topped with a blueberries. Is there a way to make these egg free? If so, how?
Bob's Red Mill May 29, 2014
This recipe depends on the stiffly beaten egg whites to incorporate air, allowing them to possess a fluffier texture. If you are wanting to make these egg free, it is possible to use an egg replacer. Keep in mind that this will produce a product that is more dense.
Deb June 8, 2014
Followed recipe;it was too thin (to much liquid) for pancakes. I had to add for flour to get a batter consistency. Confused why so many customers prefer this recipe. I was planning on adding blueberries as well. Perplexed???
JP June 13, 2014
I made this with a 2 whole eggs instead of just egg whites. I left out the salt and didn't miss it.. I also used a bit of Truvia instead of the honey. Yum!
Maggie July 17, 2014
Delicious! The best pancakes I have had! I substituted buttermilk for water and didn't add the extra 2 TBS. Didn't warm the buttermilk. Halved the amt. of salt.
Kristen August 5, 2014
They were OK, I replaced the honey with agave.. They were edible but had a heavy garbanzo bean flavor..
Scott August 9, 2014
I just gotta say who ever rated this receipt poorly is working for the competition. Buttermilk replaced water, coconut oil and butter and cooked w/ coconut oil and butter. 5 star crispy edges and moist, w/ Blackburn's maple syrup! Good tasting pancakes aren't supposed to be good for you
Elizabeth August 17, 2014
I made this recipe exactly as directed and they were great! The egg whites made the pancakes fluffy. We didn't taste the salt. Husband is not GF and he loved them. We will be making these again.
Sara Pearson September 11, 2014
The texture is great, and flavor isn't bad either, but it is on the beany side. Nothing butter and maple syrup can't mask though. I used coconut oil instead of veggie oil and also used it to grease my cast iron skillet.
David September 12, 2014
Bannana Pancakes.
I used only a 1/2 cup of water and added a ripe (soft) bannana. I also left out the honey.

They were great! Subtle bannana flavor, and a little less sugar.

My 4 year old ate hers and all of her mom's.
melissa September 28, 2014
These were fantastic!! My kids love their father's version loaded with sugar and gluten, but they happily admitted that these were a close second:) And they are very opinionated! For me, they were spot on! Made a batch with bananas and cinnamon-even better!
Mara December 30, 2014
Wow, I had to nearly double the liquid just to get anything remotely runny. Not quite sure how this came out too runny for others. Without the extra liquid, I'd have been making biscuits.
Emily January 8, 2015
Most of the final bites were tasty..subbed part of GF flour with oatmeal and almond flour, sub coco oil, adde peaches, cinnamon, 1TBSP agave, 1/2 orange (peel+juice) chia seeds to sub out one egg Let sit overnight before adding one egg.
Lori January 10, 2015
Hanis January 17, 2015 daughter is allergic to egg..May i know what are the other alternatives to egg as egg is in the recipe.

Maggie January 19, 2015
Love the taste of these pancakes; however, they stick like crazy to my cast iron pan. I oiled first with coconut oil, which I usually use, then tried safflower oil...but still sticking. hummm....any suggestions?
Bob's Red Mill January 19, 2015
Cast iron pans are virtually non-stick when properly seasoned and preheated before use. If you find that these pancakes are sticking, you may want to re-season your pan. If it is already well seasoned, the pan needs to be heated longer before use.
Bob's Red Mill January 20, 2015
Our Bob’s Favorite Gluten Free Pancakes recipe has a texture that is dependent on the whipped egg whites. However, this recipe could be prepared with an egg replacer of your choice. To assist you further, I have emailed our list of egg replacers.
Miriam February 15, 2015
I just made these, my 1st Gluten Free Homemade Pancakes and they were a hit! FYI - let the batter sit for 5 or 10 min before pouring it into the pan. Soooooo good!!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS RECIPE!
kathy February 24, 2015
I tried this recipe was very sceptical at first but I enjoyed itj
Vanessa Murry March 15, 2015
These were awesome!!! My husband can't have oil, so I melted 2 tbsp of butter....and added cinnamon. I left one yolk in an egg....and these were THE BEST pancakes I've ever had or made!
The consistency was thin, so I added two extra tbsp of Bobs flour...and they cooked perfectly! :)
Shellee March 22, 2015
made according to directions and was not impressed. I am a big fan of Bob's Redmill and their recipes; however, this one just doesn't live up to its claims. Taste is beans and texture is dense. Sorry, but this one is a miss :(

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