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Tapioca Pudding - Easy Microwave Method

Here is an old-time favorite prepared by an updated method.


Soak 1/2 cup Bob’s Red Mill tapioca in 1 cup of milk overnight in the refrigerator.

Pour 3 cups of milk into a 2 quart microwave-safe glass bowl or measuring cup. Add the soaked tapioca and sweetener of choice with a whisk. Microwave on high for 6 minutes and stir thoroughly with a whisk.

Microwave on high again for 2 minutes, whisk and microwave 2 more minutes. Do not let it boil over. Stir in the vanilla and pour into individual serving dishes or a serving bowl. Serve warm or chill and serve. Makes 8 servings.

*Use Soy Milk for a dairy-free option.

Chocolate Tapioca: With the vanilla, add 1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips and whisk until they are melted and blended.

Tapioca Pudding - Easy Microwave Method



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Small Pearl Tapioca

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Cane Sugar

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Ben Griswold September 26, 2012
I love how simple and quick this recipe is.The tapioca pearls stay nice and plump and the best part about making your own is that you can modify it for different allergies.My Mods:Coconut or Almond Milk *Sweetened with agave* I wisk in 2 eggs *Chocolate version w/shred coconut as garnish
Kai July 4, 2013
This method WORKED! I used Coconut milk and pure liquid cane sugar. My preferred method is crock pot recipe I found online that cooks perfectly but we are on vacation, no access to crock pot.

Followed these directions and wow tapioca pearls puffed up perfectly. Yay!

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