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Gluten Free Shortbread Cookie Mix Directions

Basic directions for making the Gluten Free Shortbread Cookie Mix.

  • 4 cups GF Shortbread Cookie Mix
  • 3/4 cup Unsalted Butter or Buttery Spread cut into 8 pieces
  • 1 Egg Yolk (large-sized)
  • 2 Tbsp Water


Step 1

Preheat oven to 375°F.  Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper.

Step 2

In a large mixing bowl, beat butter on medium speed for 30 seconds, or until smooth. Beat in egg yolk, then beat in water. On low speed, beat in cookie mix in 3 stages; first 1/2 cup, then half of the cookie mix, and then remaining cookie mix, until thoroughly blended. Dough will look dry and crumbly.

Step 3

Gather dough into ball with hands and massage until very smooth. Divide dough in half and wrap half in plastic wrap.
Place remaining dough on parchment paper, then top with plastic wrap. Roll to 1/4-inch, cit with cookies cutter or biscuit cutter to make 2-inch cookies and place on inch apart on baking sheet. Reroll scraps of dough; cut again to make 18 cookies.

Step 4

Bake on middle rack of oven for 12-15 minutes, or until cookies just start to brown around edges. Cool cookies on wire rack for 10 minutes, then remove from baking sheet to cool completely. Repeat with remaining dough.

Makes 36 cookies.


*Eggless Option: Instead of the egg yolk and 2 Tb water, add 1/4 cup Milk (Cow, Soy Rice).
Gluten Free Shortbread Cookie Mix Directions

Servings: 36



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14 Reviews

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J January 13, 2013
I tried this recipe and the cookies are too dry and taste floury. Anything I can add so not so dry and tasteless?
Bob's Red Mill January 14, 2013
The use of one whole egg or two yolks instead of a single yolk will increase the moisture in this mix. Feel free to add flavors to this mix as you desire - vanilla or almond extract, cinnamon and other spices, etc. This is a great base cookie that is easily personalized.
ike April 13, 2013
step 3 is a little confusing to me, adding a video will be very useful for further reference. Thank you
Sandra May 8, 2013
ike: After wrapping 1/2 of the total amount of dough, set it aside. Roll out the other 1/2 inbetween parchment paper & plastic wrap, then cut out cookies w/cookie cutter. Repeat this step until dough is nearly gone. Then use the other 1/2 of dough the same way. HTH.
beeanangel October 28, 2013
I substituted hardened coconut oil for the butter and had to add 4 more tablespoons of water. Cookies came out looking just like the ones on the recipe. I must have the same cutter as well. SMILES.
Laura December 13, 2013
Can I use this as a cookie base for a recipe I am using for bars? I am wondering if it would fit into a 13x9" pan or more like an 8x8 or 11x7? I need a base I can bake, then the topping goes on and is not baked again. I thought this might be the perfect base?
Bob's Red Mill December 18, 2013
Our Gluten Free Shortbread Cookie Mix recipe is very versatile and may be a good option for cookie bars. Unfortunately, this is not a preparation we have tested and I don't have baking information regarding pan size or bake time.
Eileen July 15, 2014
Just wondering if this mix is also soy free. Thanks!
Bob's Red Mill July 15, 2014
This mix does not contain soy as an ingredient. However, it is processed in a facility that also processes soy. Our products run on shared production lines. We do clean our machinery with high-pressure air between each production and discard the first 15-20 lbs before we begin packaging.
Bob's Red Mill December 18, 2014
Yes, you may use our Gluten Free Shortbread Cookie Mix dough in a cookie press. To make this dough easier to work with in a cookie press, I recommend adding an additional 1-2 tablespoons of water.
Renee December 17, 2014
Can this recipe be used in a cookie press? I have a electric one.
Renee December 17, 2014
Has anyone tried coconut milk, flax seed Or egg replacer to replace the egg, I see in the notes it states cow, soy rice. To many food allergies have to adapt, I was happy to see no allergies to any of the ingredients in the cookie mix :)
Bob's Red Mill December 18, 2014
You may use ¼ cup of coconut milk in place of the egg and water called for in this recipe. The egg yolk functions to add moisture and additional fat. Flaxseed and egg replacer will not work in that manner.
Nicole April 4, 2015
I add along with the listed ingredients;
(I use non dairy vegan butter)

1tbs coconut oil
A cap full of vanilla
Cinnamon (about 1tsp)
1/4 c Almond milk
I knead then roll in balls and flatten with glass bottom coaten in coconut oil.
They cook up nice and soft.

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