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Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix Instructions

These instructions are printed on the label of Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix.

  • 3-1/4 cups GF Pizza Crust Mix
  • 1-1/2 cups Water (warm)
  • 2 Eggs *
  • 2 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 2-1/4 tsp Yeast Packet (enclosed)


Step 1

Preheat oven to 425°F.

Step 2

In a large bowl, combine water and yeast. Let stand a few minutes. Add eggs and oil to mixture and blend briefly. Add GF Pizza Crust Mix and blend about a minute on medium speed, until combined.

Step 3

Leave dough in bowl, split in half, cover with plastic wrap and allow to rise 20 minutes.

Step 4

Place dough on greased pizza pans. Using wet hands, spread out dough to cover the full pizza pan. Bake without topping for 7-9 minutes.

Step 5

Remove from oven, cover with favorite sauce and toppings. Bake for 15-18 minutes.

Makes two 12-inch or one- 16-inch pizza crusts.

Dough can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days. Wrap dough in plastic wrap and store in plastic bag. When ready to bake, take dough out of refrigerator and allow to rest 30 minutes. Spread dough onto greased pizza pan and bake as directed.

*Customer Rebecca Frederickson likes to add 2 Tbsp Molasses when preparing the mix.

*Customer Emily Beraz suggests laying a piece of plastic wrap over the dough when shaping instead of wetting your hands. "You can slide your hands over it much easier without it sticking to them and it keeps the dough from tearing or pulling apart. If the plastic wrap starts to wrinkle it's easy to just pull it up and adjust it; it doesn't stick to the dough at all."


*Eggless option: Combine 2 Tb Flaxseed Meal + 6 Tb Water; let stand one minute. Add to recipe as you would the eggs.
Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix Instructions

Servings: 8



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43 Reviews

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Sarah February 7, 2012
This is very sticky and wet dough and the recipe instructs the user to use wet hands to shape the dough into the crust shape desired. The bread machine is a great way to mix and proof the dough but do not add additional flour, which will make the crust very heavy and tough.
Helene February 3, 2012
Tried doing this in a bread machine and the dough was much too thin--next time added more gluten free flour and its still too sticky == any solutions?
melissa April 13, 2012
Any suggestions for how to prepare this dough in a bread machine?
Franky Edder May 14, 2012
For the most part, the dough was easy enough to make. You really need to take the "wet hands" advice very seriously. If your hands are not dripping wet, youll have a tough time flattening the dough to a pizza pan.
Bob's Red Mill June 4, 2012
This can be mixed in a bread machine. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to add the ingredients and program to mix and proof the dough only. This is a sticky dough - do not add more flour and make sure to use wet hands when removing the dough and shaping the crust.
Richard September 21, 2012
Way too sticky dough. Bland taste. I hope there are better gluten free pizza doughs out there. I tried again with adding a little gluten free dough to keep the dough from being so sticky. Even worse.
Jennifer September 30, 2012
SUPER Sticky dough stuck to my hands and would not stay on the pan. Unable to make it into pizza crusts. I decided to try and at least save the dough. Tossed it into a bread pan and baked it. My daughter is happy with the resulting bread.
Bob's Red Mill October 1, 2012
This mix does create sticky dough & you will need to shape it using wet hands - these instructions are printed on the package & on the recipe online. If the dough is far too sticky to work with, even after dampening your hands, try decreasing the water you add by 1/4 cup.
Danni October 2, 2012
I use plastic wrap under and over to roll the dough or just on top if I use my hands to flatten it. It works really well.
Rose Ann October 3, 2012
Fist time using this mix. I refrigerated the dough 24 hours.let stand 30 minutes before baking. With wet hands,spread out dough on a 16" pan. No problems. It's baking now. I''ll let you know how it tastes
Rose Ann October 3, 2012
saira October 11, 2012
i followed the instructions exactly as written. i used wet hands to spread dough, and when it got sticky, i just wet my hands again. no problems. this is our family's favorite GF pizza crust. just added some seasonings on top of cheese to add some more flavor. thank you so much!
Bob's Red Mill November 7, 2012
This mix can be frozen & stored for up to 1 month. Prepare & shape the dough into small crusts. Par-bake the dough for 7-9 minutes, let cool, wrap & freeze. The crust can defrosted quickly in the microwave or at room temperature, topped & baked for an additional 10 - 15 minutes.
JK Taylor October 26, 2012
This is so easy to make that I do not use my bread maker. It quickly mixes in a bowl with just my wooden spoon because it does not have to be kneaded. I plop the dough ball onto the pizza pan, then use the back of a wet plastic spatula to shape the dough to the pan. No hands needed!
Sarah M October 31, 2012
how can this be divided for a single serving pizza`?
Christina March 4, 2013
Can I prepare the dough, and freeze half of it for later use?
Bob's Red Mill March 6, 2013
Our dough can be frozen & stored for up to one month. Prepare, shape and par-bake the dough for 7-9 minutes and then freeze it. The crust can then be taken out of the freezer, defrosted quickly in the microwave or at room temperature, topped & baked for an additional 15-18 minutes.
Deborah April 5, 2013
I followed the directions as instructed on the package - including keeping my hands wet - and everything came out perfectly. For the first time in years I was able to eat pizza without the bloat, headache, and guilt. Thank you for making a great product.
Jennifer May 4, 2013
The dough is easy to make - you MUST wet your hands to shape the dough. The crust is a little plain, but if I grease my pan with extra virgin olive oil, it does make the crust taste similar to crust made of wheat.
Gigi June 21, 2013
I used 2 tablespoons yeast, added 2 tablespoons garlic salt and 2 tablespoons raw sugar to mixture at end. Also, I used brown rice flour and 2 teaspoons xanthum gum. Even my retired Marine hubby liked the end results! Spreading the dough with a spatula instead of hands worked great.
Katherine October 3, 2013
I am going gluten free thanks to a non celiac gluten sensitivity. My 7 year old daughter is going gluten free as well. She gets easily frustrated at the lack of options, but called this 'the best pizza ever'. You can't get much higher praise than that!
Sam January 9, 2014
I am wanting to make a veggie pizza. My problem is that I can not yeast. Is there way to make this without the active yeast packet? Is there anything I can use to substitute the active yeast?
Bob's Red Mill January 10, 2014
Unfortunately, this is a preparation we have not tested. It may be possible to eliminate the yeast by adding 1 tablespoon of baking powder.
misnick February 16, 2014
Great Pizza! I made sausage, mushroom, onion, and poblano pepper pizza with my own sauce. It was fabulous. I put gluten-free cornmeal on the pan, and par baked the crust at 450 instead of 425. I will make this pizza again. I hope thin and crispy. I did not spread the dough thin enough.
Heidi March 29, 2014
The plastic wrap trick is the way to go - it's SO easy to shape and no goop on your hands!
Erin April 2, 2014
Here is my trick - put the dough on a piece of parchment paper, then use a stiff spatula dipped in cold water as often as needed to spread the dough to desired thickness. Bake at 430 for 8-9 minutes, then remove parchment paper, add toppings, and bake until toppings are done. Perfect!
Helen April 16, 2014
Love it! We have to eat gluten free due to celiac disease and have tried all sorts of GF pizza over the years. None compare to this one! I make it exactly as the recipe says and it always turns out perfectly. Keep your hands wet when handling the dough and you'll have no problem.
Bob's Red Mill May 5, 2014
Unfortunately, preparing our Gluten Free Pizza Crust mix in a dehydrator is not a method we've tested.
Yair Sagiv May 4, 2014
Could I make the pizza crust using a dehydrator at low degrees, instead of baking?

Amy June 23, 2014
This is more of a question than a review. My question is about the part where you wrap in plastic wrap to let it rise. Do you just cover the bowl or does the wrap need to be touching the dough?
Bob's Red Mill June 23, 2014
When preparing our Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix you will want to just cover the bowl. After the dough rises, it may be touching the plastic wrap. This is okay.
Jody July 3, 2014
I like to put several tablespoons of Italian seasonings in the dough to make it a little more flavorful. I haven't perfected a method of getting it off the sheet pan, using oil or corn meal has had some success, but not great. Maybe I press it down too hard when spreading.
Mike July 29, 2014
We love this dough... the key to spreading is to totally cover your hands in olive oil (good olive oil) and the lightly salt (with good salt!) it before the first round of baking.

For gluten free - it's the best I have found.
amanda August 8, 2014
Followed instructions exactly. Easy and delicious.
Karla August 10, 2014
The dough was sticky, so all I did was keep a small bowl of olive oil near me to dip my hands in and then used my well oiled palms to smooth out the dough to make the pizza, worked great and tasted delicious!
Lise October 22, 2014
Works great as a thin crust (if too thick, the taste is a bit bland). Flattened it nice and thin on parchment paper using a wet rolling pin (given very sticky dough) - results were absolutely perfect
Kristen December 13, 2014
This makes a light, fluffy, well flavored pizza crust. I have made numerous gluten-free, SCD, and Paleo pizza crusts. This recipe will not disappoint for those who are looking for a gluten-free option. Take the recommendation of using plastic wrap to help manipulate the dough.
Diana December 15, 2014
Acceptable taste and texture; better than most GF frozen ones.Due to comments I had read online, I used the eggless option even though I can eat eggs. I used the kitchen aid to mix. Dough needs salt. Would use plastic wrap on both sides to spread next time as by hand it came out uneven.
Theresa M January 23, 2015
Wet hands are the key! Next time I'd make 2 smaller pizzas instead of 1 large rectangle & I'd make the crust thinner. It was really easy to spread once I re-read the instructions & realized I needed wet hands.
Erich February 11, 2015
I have made this a handful of times now and i love it every time!

My suggestion is to dissolve about 1 tsp of raw sugar into the warm water and then add a little additional yeast.

Also - Laying down parchment paper on the pan works perfectly for a non-stick pizza pie!
Robin Shipman February 16, 2015
So happy I found this! Loved it! I don't have a pizza pan so i used a cookie sheet. So nice to be able to eat pizza without spending a fortune!
joscelyn March 31, 2015
This is my absolute favorite gluten free pizza crust. I haven't found anything that compares! I prepare it in my bread machine and haven't had a single problem. Thank you for a great product.
Mindy April 1, 2015
I love this crust. Overall, I don't care for the way any GF dough mixes up. It is very soft and very sticky and you have to make sure your hands are WET when you spread this out, just like the package states. It bakes up well though and tastes great with your favorite toppings.

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