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Gluten Free Hearty Whole Grain Bread Mix Instructions

Gluten Free Hearty Whole Grain Bread Mix Instructions


Baking Instructions by hand:  Preheat oven to 375°F. Dissolve enclosed packet of yeast in 1 3/4 cups warm (110°F) water and let stand for 5 minutes to foam. Have all ingredients at room temperature. Put dry mix in large mixing bowl (preferably use a stand mixer). Add eggs, oil, cider vinegar and yeast-water mixture.
With mixer on low speed, blend all ingredients until smooth. Turn mixer to medium and beat 15 seconds or until mixture thickens slightly. Pour into generously greased 9 x 5-inch nonstick pan. Smooth top of dough with wet spatula. Cover pan with plastic wrap and put in warm place (75° to 80°F) to rise for about 40 to 45 minutes or until dough is level with top of pan.
Bake 60 to 65 minutes or until internal temperature of bread reaches 205°F, covering bread with foil after it starts to brown. Remove pan from oven and cool bread in pan for 5 mintues. Remove bread from pan and finish cooling on wire rack. Cool completely before slicing.
Bread Machine Baking Instructions (1 1/2 lb loaf):  Remove yeast packet from package. Have all ingredients at room temperature. Follow your specific machine instructions for adding yeast, the liquid and dry ingredients in the proper order. Be sure to whisk together the water, oil, vinegar and eggs together before adding to bread machine. Set controls for setting recommended by manufacturer, or to white bread basic setting. Remove bread from bread machine and cool thoroughly om wire rack before slicing.
Gluten Free Hearty Whole Grain Bread Mix Instructions



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Bill B Peters April 23, 2012
My wife loves this bread. We have found that using the "quick bread" cycle, which has only one kneading, produces a much finer and higher loaf. This was suggested in a gluten-free bread machine recipe book that cautions against over-kneading gluten free breads.
Bob's Red Mill April 18, 2013
Most bread machines direct ingredients to be added in the following order: liquid first, dry second, yeast added last by making a well in the dry.
Laura April 17, 2013
I can't find the manual for my Welbilt AMB2900 bread maker, Can someone tell me the order I am supposed to use? I just spent an hour on the internet and can't find a free download for the manual.
PF March 13, 2014
Fantastic bread mix! The best ever tried up to now.
I'm now making my own sour dough starter (using honey rice flour and cornmeal) that I'd like to use as raising agent for this mix. Any ideas about quantities?
Bob's Red Mill March 14, 2014
We have not tested our Gluten Free Hearty Whole Grain Bread Mix using a sourdough starter, though it can be done. I recommend referencing our 10 Grain Levain Loaf recipe as this will give you a general guideline.
Jeanne April 10, 2014
Wonderful flavor and texture. Even my gluten eating friends and family love it. Do you think it could be used to make rolls? Would you change the recipe or just the bake time?
Bob's Red Mill April 14, 2014
Yes, our GF Hearty Whole Grain Bread Mix can be used to make rolls. After mixing all ingredients together, use wet or oiled hands make small balls of dough (approx. 24 rolls). You will want to bake the rolls at 375°F for 15 - 18 minutes.
camille August 19, 2014
my yeast did not rise. I love your products and this was my first time trying the HWG Gluten free bread mix. so disappointed. what could be the problem?
Bob's Red Mill August 21, 2014
Generally, when the bread does not rise, it's due to the yeast being deemed inactive. I have emailed you regarding this issue.
Catherine September 28, 2014
Hi, i have a pack of hearty whole grain bread mix @ 566g in hand. Due to my bread maker only can bake small loaf of bread(about 250g flour), can I split half for my first trial? Please advice.
Bob's Red Mill September 29, 2014

To assist you in baking a small 1 lb bread loaf using our Gluten Free Hearty Whole Grain Bread Mix, I have emailed you our help sheet with listed conversions.
Cynthia November 24, 2014
My bread didn't rise. I am making 2 loaves for Thanksgiving but they didn't rise. I a leaving tem overnight to see if they will go. Any suggestions?
One will be garlic bread and the other will be bread pudding. I really hope this works.
Bob's Red Mill November 25, 2014
Cynthia, I have emailed you regarding your recipe review.
Cherie November 26, 2014
Best gluten free bread mix by far!

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what to substitute for eggs and oil?
hiram November 26, 2014
I am new at these breads but doesnt the yeast require some sort of sugar to foam
Bob's Red Mill November 26, 2014
This mix can be made with Ener-G Egg Replacer. Use 3 Tbsp. Ener-G Egg Replacer powder + (½ cup + 2 Tb) water. To replace the oil in this bread, you may try using applesauce. Applesauce can be used to replace oil, one for one.
Bob's Red Mill December 1, 2014
Yeast will foam slightly without the addition of sugar. However, adding sugar will feed the awakening yeast and more foam will be created.

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