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Tips for Using Coconut Flour

Tips for using Organic Coconut Flour


· You can replace up to 20% of the flour called for in a recipe with Coconut Flour, adding an equivalent amount of additional liquid to the recipe. Because of its high fiber content, Coconut Flour requires much more liquid than other flours. You need to use an equal amount of liquids to the amount of Coconut Flour used.

· If batter seems too thick, thin out by adding a bit more oil until desired consistency is achieved. If batter seems too runny, don’t worry. Coconut Flour’s high fiber content makes it highly absorbent and during baking the flour will absorb the extra liquid.

· Reducing the sugar or granulated sweetener will make the final product drier and crumbly.

· Store baked goods wrapped loosely in plastic. If no air is allowed to circulate, the baked good may become soggy.

· To maintain freshness, store Coconut Flour in an airtight container after opening.
Tips for Using Coconut Flour


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