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Red Beans & Rice

A No-Fat Cajun Treat, Vegetarian Style.


Step 1

Overnight in 6 cups of water, soak 2 cups dried red beans, kidney or pinto beans. Drain and rinse well.

Step 2

Cook soaked beans in kettle with onion, garlic and boiling water. After beans have cooked 45 minutes, add TVP, chili powder and cumin. Continue cooking beans until tender, 20-40 minutes. Most of the liquid should have cooked into the beans and TVP. Taste and add salt.

Step 3

Meanwhile, cook brown rice with the salt and remaining 2 cups of water according to package directions. Mix the cooked rice and beans then taste, add a pinch of cayenne or hot sauce if desired.

Serves 10.
Red Beans & Rice

Servings: 10



Products Used in this Recipe

Grains Beans Seeds
Small Red Beans

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Gluten Free
TVP® (Textured Vegetable Protein)

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Grains Beans Seeds
Basmati Brown Rice

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5 Reviews

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marie July 25, 2012
I was going to cook this recipe which is on the back of the packet of TVP......but, the amount of boiling water used just seems so wrong, plus there is an extra 2 cups of water in the ingredients list, which is not mentioned in the I gave up!!!
Bob's Red Mill August 3, 2012
TVP absorbs a large amount of water to rehydrate. The two cups of water at the end of the recipe is the water amount needed to prepare the 1 cup of brown rice. This portion of the dish needs to be cooked separately from the red bean and TVP portion.
Deanna November 30, 2012
Good and easy recipe, however I decreased my top down to roughly 1/2 - 3/4 c, it\'s a keeper.
Sarah September 26, 2014
I also went to make this recipe.There was no indicate as to whether to use dry or re-hydrated granules; furthermore, do you measure pre or post hydration? This was not clear (especially since the back of the package first gives instructions to re-hydrate and cook). Terrible waste.
Bob's Red Mill September 29, 2014
When making the Red Beans & Rice recipe, the TVP does not have to be rehydrated before cooking as it will hydrate while cooking.

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