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1000 People Toured

We welcomed our 1000th tour guest today.

We welcomed our 1000th tour guest today.

Among the many perks to moving into our new facility, one of the best is being able to offer tours to the public and share how we make the products you know and love. We began offering tours of our manufacturing process in June of this year. 

We welcomed our 1,000th tour guest last week to our mill. June Grice from Scio, Oregon visited with her 55+ Club of the Albany First Church of God. In the four and a half months we have been giving tours, we have had people from 29 states and 5 countries, including Canada, China, Viet Nam, Mexico and England. Our youngest guest was 2 weeks old and our oldest was almost 91 years young.

One guest told us that our tour was “more interesting than the SPAM factory.” Well, we certainly hope so. Although, one does wonder what exactly is in SPAM and how do they get it into those little square tins??

If you haven’t been by, we hope you will visit the next time you’re in Portland, or just passing through. Tours are offered Monday through Friday from 10 am- 11 am. Our wonderful tour guide, Christie, will show you how we get products from farm to your table.


Susan says:

I’ve heard that SPAM is very popular in Hawaii!

Rajee11366 says:

I recently used Buck Wheat pancakes by Red Mill and noticed a high sodium content. I noticed this after using the product because my wife had a very bad reaction to the high sodium. Is there a reason the sodium content is so high? It can’t be for the taste. In fact much higher than a lot of comparable products by other brands. The red heart on the package is misleading considering the sodium level of this product. I went to the product web site and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of Red Mill products. A lot of which I would like to try. But I would have to check sodium levels first.

Cassidy Stockton says:

Rajee: Thank you for visiting our blog. The sodium level in our Buckwheat Pancake Mix comes from the baking powder and minimal amount of sea salt used. I am sorry that you find it prohibitive. We did reformulate the mix to have less sodium a couple years ago. As convenient as a mix can be, we have some wonderful pancake recipes on our website that might be a better alterative for you.
Thanks again for stopping by!

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