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Gluten Free Like Me Update #3

So I’m on my fourth week of my self-imposed gluten abstinence program and things have been going very well. With the exception of sneaking a big mouthful of one of my favorite Portland brews, I haven’t wavered. Here’s a picture of the awesome sauteed rainbow chard and garlic topped quinoa with black refried beans and crazy-hot thai sauce I whipped up last night.

One thing I noticed this week is how easy we have it here in Portland with respect to gf food options. First of all, there is a natural food store chock full of gf products on just about every corner. I went to New Season’s Market for some produce. Cutting through the cereal aisle, I got the notion to see if they had a gf cold cereal. They did. In fact, they had so many that I couldn’t decide so I opted to just have some fruit and yogurt. On my way to the register, I passed a dizzying array of gf flours and baking mixes from one of the world’s most remarkable purveyors. That store really raises the bar, but many other retailers in PDX stock a healthy selection of gf goods.

When I compare that with my recent shopping experience in Kentucky (from which I originally sprang), it’s night and day. In Kentucky I couldn’t find a GF Product in any of the massive supermarkets I visited. Nowhere. I asked an aisle clerk where the gluten free products elicited an interminable “uhhhhhhhhh…”

So I’ve got it easy here living gluten free. Plus, it’s elective and won’t last forever. And I’ve got all the gf grains a gluten intolerant boy could ever dream of. I know, I know, I’ll never really know what it’s like. This is to living with CD as car-camping is to homelessness. Still, it has opened my eyes a bit which is the whole point of this make-believe.

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