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Gluten Free Like Me Update #2

Since my post last week, I haven’t had one (known) ingestion of gluten. I nearly at some tortilla chips that I assumed were safe but after a second pass at the ingredient statement, I found some white flour. To spite my faux disease, I ate a few bites of the complementary salsa with a spoon. The toughest part has been having to pass on some very tasty sweets that came my way. I sat by somewhat sullen as I watched my wife enjoy them without me.

Since, I rediscovered millet and quinoa, two great gluten free, whole grain staples as part of my GF regime, I seem to have gotten into a culinary rut with them. They’re delicious, but I’ve had quinoa/millet, beans and salad for several nights in a row. These things suit my pallet, they’re healthy, they fill me up and I know they’re safely free of gluten. I’ve enjoyed the simplicity of this repetition but I’m a little bored with it. I’m also a little tired of studying upon everything so much.

Do any of you find yourselves in ruts of comfort with familiar gf foods that you know you can trust? Is safe and boring just easier in the long run?


Twisted Cinderella says:

To start with, safe and easy is a fine way to go. As you get comfortable with knowing which foods are allowable, you can have fun learning about new foods that you can add to your diet to make it interesting.

Sarah says:

My daughter has celiac disease and is allergic to eggs.I have just made Bob’s GF Cornbread mix following the directions using milk and canola oil and an egg replacer (energy brand, 4 Tbs water and 3 Tsp powder mix). The resulting mix is so thick! It will definently not pour! Is this right? I added about one extra cup of milk before I could mix it and put it into thepan.
Any suggestions?
Thanks, Sarah

Cassidy Stockton says:

Hi Sarah,

I’m really sorry to hear that your package of GF Cornbread Mix came out so thick and hard to pour. I’m not exactly sure what may have happened there, but we’d be more than happy to help you resolve this situation. Can you please email me at with the package information (lot number from side of bag, exp. date, where you purchased this) if it’s still available to you. In the meantime, I’ll work on an answer for you and look for your email.

Cassidy Stockton

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