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Whole Wheat Couscous Recipe from BlogHer Food

I had hoped to give y’all a good recap of what happened at BlogHer Food over the weekend in Atlanta, GA. Truth is, it’s kind of hard to boil it down into 500 words or less! Let’s just say this- we met so many amazing people and left inspired to work with everyone and find ways that we can uplift the food community to make our world a better place. I can’t even list all of the amazing writers and their blogs! I don’t want to leave anyone out! I got to meet David Lebovitz (and embarrass myself) and shared some of our spelt berries with him. David Leite from Leite’s Culinaria taught us how not to steal recipes. You’d think that was easy, but turns out it’s a very gray area and making sure you don’t accidentally steal something is a challenge. I got to chat “food love” with Faith from The Kitchn and Kelly from Evil Shenanigans. Andrew from Eating Rules got us jazzed up about changing how America eats and I was delighted to meet (and gush to) Mrs Q from Fed Up with Lunch (we recommend checking both of them out!). That’s just a small smattering of people I met.

If you’re a food blogger and you couldn’t make it to this great conference, check out the live blogs for great info!

I’ve got a lot of follow up to do, but I hope to bring you great guest writers, share even more recipes and show off some of the great food writing you can find online these days.

On Monday, I shared the Quinoa recipe that we served at the conference. Today, I’d like to give a little shout-out to Sala at Veggie Belly for letting us share her amazing recipe using pearl (aka Israeli) couscous on our website. Instead of posting it here, I want you to go find it there. It’s super simple and really something special. At the conference, we used our whole wheat pearl couscous instead of the plain that she calls for in her recipe. If you want to use whole wheat, just increase the cooking time from 5-7 minutes to 15-20 minutes. This recipe has quickly become a staple at my house. I always hope to have leftovers for lunches, but that has yet to happen!

Veggie Belly is just full of amazing recipes to inspire. It’s become one of my new favorite blogs to read and the perfect go-to for Meatless Mondays! What is your go-to blog for great recipes?


[…] inspiration for this dish came from a whole wheat couscous sample provided by Bob’s Red Mill, at BlogHerFood this past weekend and liked how they served it — as a salad.  I went back […]

Dean Smith says:

Hi Bob’s Redmill Folks,

A few months ago I picked up a bag of your 8-grain cereal at Wheatsville Coop here in Austin, Tx, and I LOVE it! I am a big fan of hot breakfast cereal and this is my new favorite. Did you know a whole CUP of the stuff is only 2 POINTS on the Weight Watcher’s program? (That’s very low for such a filling yummy thing.) I eat it with two tablespoons of maple syrup and a half a cup of almond milk (would your almond meal make almond milk?).

Just wanted you to know you have a new fan.

Dean Smith
Austin, TX

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