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Whole Grain Cake Recipes

Not too long ago, we offered whole grain cake mixes that a lot of people really loved.  Unfortunately, that love was not quite enough to keep these mixes on the shelves. After the products were discontinued, we got numerous calls wanting to know how people could make it themselves.

When Bob’s Red Mill packages a mix, a batch of around a thousand pounds are mixed and then packaged.  Taking those formulas and translating it into a recipe for home is not super easy.  Luckily it can be done! After scaling down the recipe, I then looked at hard to find ingredients such as molasses powder and replace it with home versions.

The next step was the most rewarding.  We got to try all these scaled down recipes to make sure they work for you.  Yum!  Everyone had their favorite flavor and I was surprised to see how quickly it all disappeared.  I guess that means it was a success!

Whole Grain Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

Whole Grain Lemon Poppy Seed Cake 1

Whole Grain Spice Apple Cake

Whole Grain Spice Apple Cake

Whole Grain Gingerbread Cake

Whole Grain Gingerbread Cake

Whole Grain Chocolate Cake

Whole Grain Chocolate Cake


Anne says:

Nice Apple Cake recipe. Its new for me. Very easy to make it. Thank you.

Cake recipes are the specialty of my best friend, my favorite ones are those exotic fruit cakes:”,

i love to eat cakes and bake them too that is why i am always on the lookout for cake recipes~.~

Hi, I tried your cake recipe some days ago but somehow couldn’t achieve the same result as you, my cake definitely wasn’t looking that good (but tasted fine). What kind of chocolate are you using? Maybe it’s coming from the flour I used, i’m gluten intelorant so I used tapioca flour instead of usual wheat flour.

Chelsea says:

We just used am unsweetened cocoa powder. It sounds like the problem was the flour you used. Did you just use Tapioca Flour? For gluten free baking, it is best to use a combination of flours, or you can use our Gluten Free All Purpose Flour. You will want to add Xanthan Gum as well. For cakes you would add 1/2 tsp. per cup of flour.

i love to munch cakes and i bake receipes based on different cake recipes that i can find on the net*`’

Cakes from whole grain sound like one tasty and healthy recipe. I will try this for sure. Thank you so much for sharing!

Paleo says:

These are so delicious! Why did I have to start this Paleo Diet now?! Love Bob’s Red Mill

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