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The Dog Days of Summer

One of our very favorite recipes, Quinoa Salad.

We have been blessed in Portland with a fairly cool summer this year, unlike many of you. While I personally, would love a few more really hot days, many of you are wishing for a break in the heat. Nothing makes an evening more miserable than turning on the oven or slaving over the stove making a hot dinner. We have some great recipes for grain-based salads that hit the spot when served cold and provide a filling meal on those hot nights. Each of these can be made ahead in the morning when it’s still cool in the house. Pair these with grilled vegetables and protein of your choice for a complete meal that will be sure to satisfy.

Here are my favorites. We have many, many more on our website, here.

(v) = Vegan
(gf) = Gluten Free



Ande says:

I can’t decide between Zesty Q. salad or Quinoa salad. Guess I try both. Off to the store for ingred. Thanks for the inspiration.

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