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Spring Green

While the weather outside may still be rather frightful in your area, it is officially spring here in the Portland. One of my favorite parts of spring, beyond flowers and sunny days, is the return of fresh, seasonal produce- specifically asparagus.

Asparagus will be poking up their little green heads any time now and sharing their bounty with us for only a few weeks. The true season for asparagus is preciously short, spanning only a few weeks in late March and April (depending on your local climate). The little green shoot that we identify as asparagus is best eaten the same day it is cut, although this is possible only for the few people who have access to fresh asparagus.

Even if you cannot enjoy asparagus fresh from the ground, the green shoots are incredibly delicious and offer a bounty of nutrients including vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, dietary fiber and vitamin A.

While asparagus can be steamed and eaten with just olive oil, salt and pepper, it also makes a great addition to salad, stir-fry and pasta. At Bob’s Red Mill, we really like this recipe for Wild Rice, Asparagus and Pecan Salad. How do you enjoy asparagus at home?


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