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Recipes for Roses

We are in the heart of our annual Rose Festival here in Portland. This is one of the best events Portland delivers each year. There are carnivals, parades, races and concerts over a three week period in honor of our city’s favorite flowers- the rose! Portland is often referred to as Rose City and a visit to the city quickly unveils murals, art and establishments that pay tribute to the less-than-humble rose. Somehow roses just don’t seem like the most humble flower. They come in all shades and scents that range from non-existent to overpowering. My favorite are the dusty purple roses with just a light scent.

In honor of the Rose Festival, I want to share some great recipes for using roses and rose hips so you can have your own rose festival at home. Yes! You can eat rose petals and rose hips. In fact, rose hips are one of the best natural sources of vitamin c around. Here are some recipes to inspire from the simple to truly decadent:

I hope these inspire you to try something new in the kitchen and, if nothing else, remember to stop and smell the roses.

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