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Mushy Morning

Dennis Gilliam, our EVP of Marketing is unmatched in his romance for hot, whole grain cereal preparation. If you ever meet him, don’t get him started or you’ll soon understand why Bob’s Red Mill has so many breakfast cereal options; he’s a fanatic. Hoping to capture some of his gruelly passion, I sprayed the hive with this simple request and ran like hell, “how about a few words on cereal?” Here’s what came buzzing out:

A wholesome breakfast of hot cooked cereal is often skipped for all of the wrong reasons. I sometimes hear, “Cooked cereal tastes like wallpaper paste” and “I don’t have time for breakfast.” Yet I notice coffee drinking in cars and donuts at desks.

There’s a better way. Here it is.

Night before: Measure 1 c water into pan with tight-fitting lid.

Next morning: Bring water to boil, stir in 1/3 c. BRM granular cereal, replace lid, remove from heat. Go do stuff. In ten minutes, slide perfectly cooked (not overcooked) cereal into a bowl, embellish and eat. Hunger disappears until noon. Anyway, you did it “quickly and easily.”

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