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Mimi Avocado: Smoky 13 Bean, Pork and Quinoa Salad with Avocado

These two delicious recipes come from Mimi of Mimi Avocado. Mimi Holtz, author of  “Mimi Avocado”, has been married to her  California avocado farmer husband  for 30 years, raising their four children and teaching music.  Originally from Vermont, she writes about life on an avocado ranch, sharing stories,  healthy recipes, and her favorite new discoveries.   

Smoky 13 Bean, Pork and Quinoa Salad with Avocado

Smoky bean soup is a delicious autumn supper, and the leftovers can be repurposed as a hearty warm salad for another meal. Serve the salad as a side dish, topped with avocado chunks, or as a filling for perfectly ripe avocado halves.

Smoky 13 Bean Soup with Pork


  1. Wash and soak 29 oz. Bob’s Red Mill 13 Bean Soup Mix overnight.
  2. Drain and rinse the beans.  Put the beans in a large pot and add enough water so that there is about an inch of water above the beans.
  3. Cut up 2 fully cooked smoked pork chops into small pieces (1 lb.) and add  to the beans.  Bring the mixture to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 3 hours, or until the beans are tender.
  4. Add  2 cups of chopped onion and 4 Tbsp. Bob’s Red Mill Bean Soup Seasoning Mix  and simmer for another 30 minutes.

Serve the soup hot with avocado slices as a topping.  Serves 6. 

Reserve 1 ½ quarts of soup to use in the salad.

Smoky 13 Bean, Pork and Quinoa Salad with Avocado

  • 1 ½ quarts of prepared Smoky 13 Bean Soup
  • 2 cups Bob’s Red Mill Quinoa
  • 4 cups Water
  • 1 ½ cups prepared Mild Salsa or Pico de Gallo
  • 3-4 ripe California Avocados
  1. Start with 1 ½ quarts of  prepared Bob’s Red Mill 13 Bean Soup with pork
  2. Combine 2 cups of Bob’s Red Mill Quinoa with 4 cups of water in a large pot.  Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and cover for 15 minutes.
  3. Add the leftover soup to the hot quinoa and combine.
  4. Fold 1 ½ cups of  mild salsa or pico de gallo into the beans and quinoa.
  5. Serve warm, topped with avocado chunks,  or  use as a filling for avocado halves.



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