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How to Make Bread {Giveaway}

This beautiful book by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou is the perfect book for a bread baking novice, but will still hold up well for a more experienced bread baker. Each of the 60 plus recipes has easy to navigate step-by-step instructions and accompanying photography. I love that in a cookbook. It helps immensely to see what the recipe should look like at each step and have an illustration for the techniques that seem foreign. See those pretty designs on the cover? Yep, this book will show you how to make those and many more for absolutely gorgeous (and tasty) homemade bread. With recipes for yeasted breads, soudoughs, pastries and even wheat-free and gluten free breads, How to Make Bread really delivers for every kind of baker. This book is available for $27.95 on their website if you just can’t wait to get your hands on it.

Our friends at Ryland, Peters & Small were kind enough to give us a copy to share with one lucky reader and we’ll kick in 5 lbs of our Organic Whole Wheat Flour and a package of our Active Dry Yeast to make this bread book something you can begin baking with immediately. Ryland, Peters & Small is a book publisher dedicated to capturing, “in words and pictures, those elements of life that give the greatest pleasure: sharing the perfect meal with friends, baking a batch of cookies with your children on a lazy Saturday and a home that makes you happy every time you open the front door.”

How to Enter:

We had a few hiccups during our last few giveaways, so I’m going to try and explain myself a little better for this one. We are going to use this handy app (handy for us) to count and tally everyone’s entries. There is a great 45 second tutorial for how to use this app here. It’s pretty simple, enter using your Facebook login or an email address and password. You absolutely must leave a comment to be counted. I do double check, so don’t think clicking on “I did this” and not commenting will win you a prize. Do be sure to leave your comment and click on “I did this” or you won’t be entered. There is an additional entry option for “liking” Ryland, Peters & Small on Facebook. If you already “like” them from our last contest, just go ahead and tell me that in the comments and you can click “I did this.” If you’re not on Facebook, don’t sweat it. Most of my winners do end up being those who complete the mandatory entry- it’s all done by random selection, but I’m just telling you what I see.

Mandatory Entry: In the comments section, tell us why you want to win this book. That’s it- pretty simple.

Still got a question? Leave it in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

UPDATE: The link to Ryland, Peters and Small’s Facebook page is broken in the Rafflecopter App. Please use this one:

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Andrea says:

I’d love to have this book–yeast intimidates me for reasons unknown!

I’m just discovering making homemade bread and could use a good resource to add to my cookbook collection. Thanks!

The link for RPS’s facebook page in the Rafflecopter form doesn’t work, but I found them and liked their page. 🙂

Thanks Amy! I’ll see if we can’t get that corrected.

Lindsay says:

I love baking bread, but I’d like to expand my reach to more whole-grain and non-grain varieties. This looks like a great book to do that with.

Erica says:

I want to win! I could use some help with my bread making skillz. Haha. I love good, chewy bread, but lately when I’ve tried making breads they’ve ended up more hard than chewy! I need this book for help!!

Andrea says:

THank you for the giveaway!!

Andrea says:

Making bread would be another way to clean up our diets.

Barbara says:

I’m learning to make bread at home, so this book would be very helpful for me!

Barbara says:

The link for RPS’s facebook page in the Rafflecopter form doesn’t work, but I found them – – and liked their page!

Thanks Barbara. I posted a link about the Rafflecopter app because I can’t edit the app without losing everyone’s entries.

Niki Jay says:

I make bread a few times a week and am always looking for new recipes! I love giving bread to people and helping them make their own, this looks like a great book!

Nancy says:

I love reading cookbooks and love baking bread, so winning this book would be a win-win for me.

Nancy says:

I was glad to see this cookbook also includes some gluten free recipes.

Nancy says:

I think I’m lost in a loop…but I love homemade bread!

Angela Visconti says:

I have had Celiac Disease since I was pregnant with my daughter. It has been a rough 6 years. Doctors could never get a sure diagnoses on if I was postive or not. Six years ago hardly anyone knew what CD was or how to actually test and treat it. I have had to teach doctors, family and friends about the disease. I even had to do my own research on how to treat the disease fully. I was only aware of cross contamination for the last year. So needless to say I have had a tough go. Finally this month I got my postive test results( I had to endure eating regular food for 3 months to just test postive..ochh!) and can now consentrate on being healthly GF. So the book would be a testament to my new start on a GF diet and help me plan and bake better foods so that I may once and for all heal.(Side note I liked the Ryland, Peters and Small’s facebook page also)

Angela Visconti says:

Sorry about the picture. It was taken so long ago and I have no idea how to remove

pauline says:

Never succeed in making bread. The bread book will motivate me to continue.

Trina says:

I would love to have this book! Baking bread is a fine art combined with science and it’s something I would just love to spend more time on!! This would be a welcome addition to my cookbook library!

jacquie says:

i want to win because while i have done some bread baking i would love to learn more about some of the art/science behind it. and i have never experimented w/ sourdough so would like to have some help with that.

Jeffrey L. says:

I would love this book. I have been making pizza dough for years and would like to start making bread but am hesitant to do so. A book like this would help me bridge the gap and learn to made delicious bread for my family.

Jeffrey L. says:

I “Like” Ryland, Peters & Small on Facebook.

manda says:

I am addicted to cook/baking books… no, really I am trying to learn to bake (I am more of a cook) and this would be great to help with that process.

Edward Maslowski says:

Having recently needed to change to a gluten free diet, I found Bobs Red Mill to have a very comprehensive selection of products along with very helpful information.

Anne says:

Bread baking is my one great passion, and there’s always that one fabulous recipes I didn’t try yet. I’m sure there’s at least one in this book as well…

Amy says:

I would love to win this cookbook because I LOVE bread and would use this cookbook weekly as we love our bread around here:) I would really love to learn how to make my favorite bread~ Pumpernickle! Thanks for the giveaway and by the way I love your products and eat them EVERY DAY~ For breakfast Bob’s High Fiber Breakfast Cereal and today I had lunch I had your Quinoa with veggies and chicken teriyaki!

Sand says:

I’d love to try making bread – but it seems so intimidating. Maybe this book can demystify the process.

Nikki says:

Ooh! My family would love it if I could expand my homemade bread arsenal! Pick me, pick me!! 🙂

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