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Holiday Assignments

Check out the recipes at for inspiration.

Check out the recipes at for inspiration.

The holidays are tick-tick-ticking closer and, as usual, I’m just beginning to scratch my head and ponder what to bring to this year’s Thanksgiving feast. Over the last few years, I have gotten pegged with dessert. Guess that’s how it goes sometimes- someone’s the turkey person, someone’s the cranberry person… salads, potatoes, rolls…  it’s covered. Me? I’m the dessert person. It works out great, actually, because I get to peruse exotic dessert recipes and get all of my baking done ahead of time. It never stops me from helping out in the kitchen, but it’s nice to have my major contribution all done ahead of time.

What dish is “yours” at the holidays?

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Mackeran says:

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LK says:

I love to plan for meals and desserts for the holidays. I usually bring a healthy dessert (cookies or pumpkin pie) and a healthy side dish like broccoli stuffing or sweet potato salad. Yum!

Chelsea says:

I am in charge of the Thanksgiving Gluten Roast made from Vital Wheat Gluten as a meat substitute. I always offer to do something else, but I guess people really like it.

Lisa says:

My family always asks me to make crescent rolls, so I make a double batch in order to send some home with everyone. Aside from that, I love potatoes and often make a potato souffle or sweet potatoes with cranberries. Yum!

Bella says:

It used to be some kind of quick bread, but these days, it’s something like cranberry relish using local Satsumas, organic cranberries from Maine, and a little bit of stevia!

Amy says:

This is my first year doing Thanksgiving gluten free. I used to always make the rolls, but this year I’m getting creative and making GFCF pumpkin bread and ratatouille for a side.

Becky says:

Since I usually spend Thanksgiving at home with my partner and its just the 2 of us, I make everything! I love making corn succotash, kale and beet salad, mashed potatoes, pomme anna, and GF millet corn bread (David Gabbe’s recipe… amazing!!)

Chelsea L., do you have a vegan pumpkin pie recipe? I saw your vegan pumpkin mousse at a NW Veg potluck, but I was wondering if you know of a more traditional recipe that is vegan?

Chelsea says:

I looked and looked and could not find my traditional vegan Pumpkin Pie recipe! I may have to develop one soon. : )

I did look online for one similar to what I do and found one to share. I usually bake mine simply at 350°F for an hour and I did not put in ginger, but spices is something you can easily adapt to your own liking. Enjoy!

Chelsea says:

Here is a new link to a recipe I developed for a vegan pumpkin pie. Hope this helps!

Hee Trabert says:

Thanks for that. We’re having a little potluck party next week, for Xmas I guess and I’ve been trying to find something special to take.. found some good ideas at this potluck recipes site. You know, someone should invent a website where you can write what you’ll be taking, and it would check no one brings the same thing!

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