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Happy Pi(e) Day!

Is there a better holiday? I mean, we get to geek out on the infinitely amazing number Pi and enjoy a slice in its honor. I probably say that about every food holiday, but anything that celebrates food is pretty great, in my opinion. Add in the fun of such an incomprehensible concept as Pi and you’ve got something fun to work with. How do you explain Pi to someone not familiar with the concept? Not being overly mathematical, myself, I find it to be almost magical. A number that has no end and represents the relationship between a circle’s diameter and its radius.


In honor of this fabulous number, let’s celebrate with a fabulous dessert available in infinite varieties. Here are some of our favorite pie recipes to inspire you. You can use your choice of crust for each of these- traditional, gluten free, whole wheat, paleo- whatever you want, so treat yourself to a piece of pie. Special Agent Dale Cooper would.

New Gluten Free Pie Crust Mix | Bob's Red Mill


Classic Apple Pie
Honey Blackberry Pie 
Lemon Blueberry Pie
Pecan Pie
Lemon Meringue

GF Turkey Pot Pie | Bob's Red Mill


Turkey Pot Pie
Southern Tomato Pie
Fine Herbes Quiche
Whole Grain Cornbread Quiche
Pear and Bacon Quinoa Pizza (because, you know, pizza pie!)

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