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Go Gingham: Camping with Bob’s Red Mill GF/CF Brownie Mix

Normally I use all of Bob’s Red Mill products for baking at home. I also don’t normally buy any mixes. While planning meals for an upcoming caminping trip last summer, I had to employ all of my meal planningsuper skills! Both of our kids had invited a friend to go camping with our family. My daughter’s best friend is gluten intolerant. I’ve definitely gotten the hang of this for snacking around our house after school but a long weekend of wheat-free food? Challenging. Luckily, my daughter’s friend is used to bringing food that she feels comfortable eating. My daughter wanted to have a treat for her friend and we immediately thought of brownies.

We picked out Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Brownie Mix from our local grocery store, packed the ingredients needed for the brownies, and hoped for nice weather on Mt. Hood.

After the girls fished.

Gathered fire wood.

Stoked the fire.

They had worked up quite an appetite. After dinner, they set about making the brownies.

The girls stirred the mix in a Dutch oven.

We set the brownies on the grate to bake, in the same Dutch oven. Now, there aren’t directions for baking brownies over an open camp fire (although perhaps there should be!) and we had no idea how hot the fire was but the girls did a good job estimating the completed baking time. With spoons in hand, all of the campers enjoyed the brownies.

We decided to pack the mix for all of our future camping trips.

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