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Gluten Free Like Me Update #1

Ok, so I’m busted. After my accidental soy sauce ingestion last week, I felt sharply tuned to my task and determined to be on the lookout for hidden sources of gluten. I market over 50 gluten free Bob’s Red Mill gluten free products and I’ve I should be good at this. Well, I am. Knowing where gluten lurks is not my problem.

What I ran into was a social situation that made it impossible to refuse a dish that I knew well contained gluten. It was orzo and my friend Andy had prepared it with an amazing array of herbs and dry Italian cheeses. He was so proud to serve it and I knew he wouldn’t understand why I couldn’t eat any of the creamy mound of pasta he’d already piled on my plate. I ate it all and it was delicious, but I’m feeling a little bummed about flubbing up my trial.

Shamed, I confessed to my friend Nellie. Nellie has celiac disease and has severe reactions when exposed to even the tiniest bit of gluten. So I was really surprised when she told me that she has also succumbed to gluten willfully in certain situations. Does that happen to any of you? How do you cope when you’re invited to dinners, parties, etc?

So I messed up but I’m back on track. That was Saturday and here I am on Wednesday night and I haven’t had any gluten at all. Thanks for the supportive messages I got from y’all. If you have tips or experiences to share, I would love to hear them.


Allison says:

Just last Friday I went to dinner with my husband and his family…it was at a Japanese Hibachi grill, where everything on the menu is prepared with soy sauce, including the dressing they serve on the salad. I was adamant about telling the servers and chef that I did not want any soy sauce or any flour (they did not understand what gluten is)…they cooked my meal first and very carefully – and served my salad dry (funny, that they had no alternative, not even just some oil/vinegar). All was well…..until we went back to my sister-in-law’s house for some Cranium. She asks: would you like some wine or vodka? She knows I love vodka (but didn’t know that I strictly drink potato vodka)…i had some wine, and then she kept pushing the vodka on me – she said she bought it special for me (I know she and her husband do not drink it)…it was grain vodka, so I was avoiding it, but eventually I succumbed to the peer pressure, even though I knew I would be bloated and have upset digestion for the following day. SO yes….there are occasions where a host is so proud of what they have to offer that you cannot possibly let them down. It’s a tough situation and is more of a social problem – I would never prepare gluten-containing food for myself.

Twisted Cinderella says:

Since going gluten free, I haven’t had any on purpose, but I have had some by mistake. It happens. I do understand the social pressure to eat what others work so hard to prepare for you.

(at this very moment, I am at home alone instead of at a birthday party with my daughter and my husband because I didn’t feel like dealing with a gluten filled menu)

~ Marie ~ says:

My husband is gluten-free and like your friend just a little knocks him for a loop. He never takes it knowingly however we have been know to have a brain hiccup and digested it. For example when moving we stopped and shared most of a carton of cookies-n-cream ice cream. After inhaling half the cartoon the light bulb went off. Or the time I bought GF tortilla’s and he ate my flour one’s by mistake.

No fun in any case. BTW we both love Bob’s pancake mix especially. Yummy!

gfvegheads says:

Yep, it definitely happens. I’ve done it when someone has bent over backwards to accommodate my allergy but missed some hidden source of gluten. If it’s a major oversight (soy sauce) or a close friend I can tell without offending, I won’t eat it. But sometimes it’s just easier to be uncomfortable for a couple of days than to cause a fuss. No worries – your experiment is no less authentic because of your “slip-up.” In fact, I’d say it has happened to most of us, and you’ve experienced a very real and unfortunate social pressure we have to deal with on a regular basis.

Kari Dickerson says:

I realize this was posted months ago, so my post may never be read, but I felt important to add, just in case. I have both the skin symptoms of Dermatitis Herpetiformis associated with celiac as well as the digestive issues. Accidently ingesting a crumb will leave me with symptoms at this point, one year into healing, for 8 weeks. Yes, you read that correctly – it will take me 8 weeks to get back to pre-ingestion status. No food nor hurt feelings are worth doing that on purpose, hard enough to avoid the accidents.

That said, I don’t blame you, Matt, in the slightest! The cost for you was not nearly so high, I would have done the same in your shoes!

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