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10 Great Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

In lieu of yet another turkey sandwich,  why not try one of these fabulous recipes with all of your leftover bounty? Here are 10 great ideas, in no particular order for putting some zing back into your leftovers.

  1. Cranberry Turkey Enchiladas: If you’re sick and tired of the Thanksgiving flavors- this might be just the thing for you. This dish uses leftover turkey and cranberry and puts a pretty creative spin on them. (Courtesy of Recipe Girl)
  2. Linguine with Turkey, Thyme and Petit Pois: A nice pasta dish that blends peas, turkey and thyme into a creamy (and EASY) delight. (Courtesy of Under the High Chair)
  3. Barbecue Pulled-Turkey Sandwiches: take that moist, delicious turkey and make a totally different kind of turkey sandwich- one that is perfect for watching football and lounging about. (Courtesy of Bon Appetit)
  4. Turkey Pot Pie: this combines leftover turkey, onions, butternut squash and cranberries to create a whole new food perfect for dinner after a tiring day of work (or shopping if you’re one of those folks). (Courtesy of The Food Network) Allergen friend version available here from Cybele Pascal.
  5. Turkey Banh Mi: why not take that turkey sandwich to a new level with a little Asian flair. Crusty baguettes filled with turkey, cucumber, carrot and spicy Sriracha mayo. (Courtesy of Martha Stewart)
  6. Turkey Empanadas: these little pockets of puff pastry are not for those looking for a break from Thanksgiving flavors, rather they celebrate all that is wonderful about Thanksgiving. Turkey, stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes mingle together in a delicious pocket of goodness. (Courtesy of Bon Appetit)
  7. Potato Croquettes: tasty little potato appetizers made from leftover mashed potatoes.  (Courtesy of The Food Network)
  8. Turkey, Sweet Potato and Watercress Salad: use up leftover turkey and sweet potatoes for a lighter take on some of those heavy Thanksgiving foods. (Courtesy of Martha Stewart)
  9. Turkey Gumbo: put a Southern flair on your turkey soup. After the indulgence of Thanksgiving, this soup is a perfect way to get yourself back in order- not only does it use up some leftover turkey and vegetables, but it’s healthy and flavorful too. (Courtesy of Steamy Kitchen)
  10. Turkey Shepherd’s Pie: almost all of the Thanksgiving leftovers go into this dish.  A lovely, warming dinner on a blustery cold day. (Courtesy of Simple Bites)



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