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Where did this come from?

It is a question that more and more people are asking about the products they buy.  It can also be a difficult question to answer when you’re trying to pick out what to take home from the grocery store. At Bob’s Red Mill, we have found that the people who enjoy quality food are often the same people who want to know that their food is being produced in a safe and responsible way.

Photo 1: Bob in the field

Photo 1: Bob in the field

Let’s face it, some of those foods on the grocery store shelves today look like they might have come straight from outer space. When you look at the packages, it is hard to imagine what kind of plant or animal these foods originally came from, much less pronounce half of the words listed as ingredients.

At Bob’s Red Mill, we like to keep our ingredients lists short and simple. Our straightforward clear packaging lets you see what you’re getting the moment you pick up the bag. We really mean it when we say that “You Can See Our Quality”.

Because we don’t disguise the products we sell with complicated treatments and chemicals, finding the best possible growers of what we mill is critical to our success. We tirelessly search for top quality product, and are always on the lookout for growers using the best possible farming practices. Sending our experts into the fields to see things first hand is just one of the ways we ensure quality and build relationships with our suppliers.

Photo 2: Roger in the field

Photo 2: Roger in the field



In the following three pictures you’ll see Bob Moore the president, Roger our Quality Control Lab Technician, and Neil our Purchasing Manager, getting out in the field visiting some of our crops in the ground.

Now for the contest! We’re giving away a gift pack containing four of our favorite products using those ingredients to five lucky winners who can correctly name the crops pictured.

Photo 3: Roger and Neil in the field

Photo 3: Roger and Neil in the field

How to enter: Just email us before 5 p.m. PST on March 10 at with the correct answers and put “Crops” in the subject line. We will pick five winners at random from those who can correctly identify the crops.

Photo 4: Roger and Niel in the field

Photo 4: Roger and Niel in the field


This is why I LOVE BRM products! So natural and real! Hmmm, I will investigate these crops!

Wow! We’ve had lots of close answers, and a few people who’ve come really close to winning with three correct answers. Since we made this contest extra hard, we’re going to throw out a hint from Neil to help with the trickiest picture of them all.

Neil says:

The second picture would be a hard one for a person to determine what is growing out there! Anybody who gets that one right is pretty sharp.

For your information, what Roger is bending down to touch is actually taller than you might think. He was standing at the edge of a giant field. If Roger took a few additional steps out he would have been standing knee deep in water. I would have had to throw a rope out to him to pull him out of the mud!

And now for the answers:

1. Corn
2. Rice
3. Hemp
4. Spelt

Congratulations to our five winners! We will be sending you an email today to arrange shipping for your prizes.

Thank you to everyone who aswered our quiz!

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