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Whole Grains, How We Love Thee {Giveaway}

Try our recipe for 100% Stone Ground Whole Wheat Bread or take a shortcut and use our 100% Whole Wheat Bread Mix for delicious, fresh whole grain bread.

In honor of Whole Grains Month, the Whole Grains Council is celebrating with several fun initiatives. The first is “Whole Grain Deal of the Day,” where participants can find deals and giveaways each day of September (this post is one of them). Secondly, they’ve partnered with Eating Well in a recipe makeover contest to win a gift set worth $1000. The third piece is a contest with Women’s World to win $1000 gift card. Find details about each of these here.

Our motto at Bob’s Red Mill is Whole Grain Foods for Every Meal of the Day. We also like to quip that our products are life insurance you can eat. Whole grains are truly our joie de vivre. They are nutritious, to be sure, but whole grains also bring a variety of flavors and textures to the table.

In baking, using whole grain flours can add a wonderful richness to the flavor of your recipe. Using whole grain cereals can add a wonderful texture that takes your baked good to the next level. I was blown away when I tried this recipe for 8 Grain Muffins. It had never occurred to me to add our hot cereal into a baked good. Both the flavor and the texture were phenomenal.

When talking about whole grains, the question I hear the most often is, “But, what do you do with it?” To me, it seems so simple, but I’ve always been an experimenter in the kitchen. You can use them in almost any dish- from breakfast dishes like a simple porridge to gourmet dinner fare like a complex risotto. Some can be popped like popcorn and others can be simply throw into your favorite soup for a bit of extra texture and nutrition.

Here are some of our favorite whole grain recipes to inspire you. Find even more on our website!


In honor of Whole Grains Month, we’re giving away a gift set of four whole grains to one lucky winner. The winner will get to choose four whole grains that they’d like to try. To Enter, post a link to your favorite recipe using whole grains in cooking or baking in the comments. We’ll select a winner from all who comment by 11:59 pm tonight (9/6).

Congratulations to Ben!


Christina says:

This pizza quinoa casserole made even my carnivore roommates satisfied for dinner! So delicious, it was difficult to keep some for leftovers, but even those heated up perfectly for lunch the next day!

Sara F. says:

I like this bread recipe because you can use just about any cooked grain–a great way to use up leftovers. And because you can vary the ingredients, every loaf is different:

Emma says:

I love whole grains and daily add them to my cooking. My most favorite recipe is something I found online and modified to make it healthy. Perfect for all vegetarians:

Stephanie says:

I love Bob’s quinoa tabouleh recipe. I make it all the time, often adding some chopped tomatoes and/or cucumber.

Megan M. says:

I love this recipe for a Breakfast Bulgur Porridge. In my house though, we switch out the milk for almond milk and use demerara sugar in place of the brown sugar.

Linda S. says:

I’d like to try their almond brownies:

Hannah says:

As a full time student with two jobs it’s hard to find the time to eat healthy. Between wondering how I will pay for school and having no time to go grocery shopping switching to whole grains has definitely helped me be healthier. That piece of toast definitely gets me through my morning German class everyday.

Ben says:

I eat the whole batch everytime I make these.

Crystal says:

I actually love everything her blog but I made these yesterday and I was in love just how much she was.

Georgiana says:

A quick on-the-go breakfast for me is Snack Girl’s Baked Oatmeal:

Ray says:

Delicious recipe go healthy natural energy bars using flaxseeds ground and whole grain oats for me!

Renata says:

I love quinoa salads like this one with almonds!

Angela says:

I submit Maple Oat “Petit Fours” bars. They’re full of whole grains and they don’t require baking!

I’ve been buying the whole wheat pearl couscous a lot lately but I’ve only been making savory dishes! Time to make this one:

Samantha K. says:

Those 8 grain muffins sound so amazing! I haven’t tried them yet – but I’d love the chance by winning this giveaway!

A favorite baked good that is tried and true is the Pumpkin Bread from Happy Herbivore –

Denise says:

I love making these whole wheat crumpets:

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