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Training Tips: Barriers and Dismounts

Practicing barriers will make race-day easier.

Some ways to improve skills and fitness include talking with other local riders to see if there is an organized weekly skills practice or practice race.  Coaching is also a great way to get more one on one experience. Ask around for a coaching referral to find someone qualified that seems like a good personality fit. A coach will be able to give you specific drills to practice barrier mounts and dismounts, transitions, technique and improving overall fitness.


I’m likely to be the “doing it wrong but getting away with it” kind of racer, so I’m not sure that my technical advice is spot on but here are a few tips for some of the most common cyclocross skills:

Running barriers: Practice with low barriers at first and slowly build up to the race height of 40cm. Try various ways to lift your bike-often you will need to angle the bike out rather than straight up if you are not tall. Practice putting the bike back on the ground gently to avoid dropping the chain.

Dismounts/mounts: Great to practice with the barriers or without. I do not put my right leg between the bike and my left leg-sounds like a recipe for disaster for me, but each person had their own preference. Make sure your cleats are not too tight or too loose so that you can free your feet easily bit not accidentally. When remounting-practice in slow motion several times. Try placing your inner right leg/thigh on the saddle first and slide onto the seat rather than leaping onto your pubic bone.

Check back for more tips from Maureen tomorrow!

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