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Training Playlist from Joan

Boo.  Trainer days are here awfully early this year. On today’s playlist my fetish for 1990’s electronica reveals itself:

  • Get the Party Started:  Shirley Bassey
  • First Impression:  Haik Naltchayan
  • Start House: Haik Naltchayan
  • Monaco: Haik Naltchayan
  • Love vs Hate: Gus Gus
  • Bird 1:  Underworld
  • Imperpetuem Mobila:  Patient Saints
  • Serpent’s Fruit: The Opus
  • Ignoring Pain: Haik Naltchayan
  • Baptism: Crystal Castles
  • Intimate: Crystal Castles
  • Not Going Home:  Faithless
  • Feel Me:  Faithless
  • Sun to Me:  Faithless
  • Dark and Long:  Underworld
  • Spoonman:  Underworld
  • Suburban Train:  Tiesto
  • Played –A-Live:  Safri Duo
  • The Rhythm of the Heat:  Peter Gabriel
  • Bilko:  Peter Gabriel
  • Lift Me Up:  Moby
  • Love Game:  Lady Gaga
  • Elements:  Danny Teneglia
  • Obsidian:  Banco de Gaia
  • Apollo:  Alan Parson’s Project
  • Dinosaur Adventure:  Underworld
  • Moaner:  Underworld
  • Time’s Running Out:  Cirrus


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