Matt poses to show us the likeness.
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The World Porridge Champion Doll

The doll has all of Matt's features- including his glasses and signature spurtle stir.

I was all set to write you  a long post about the proposed USDA guidelines for 2010 when we got a visit from our friends Tim and Judy Cebulla. You may remember Tim as our Myrtle spurtle maker from Wood I Kid You? Well, what they brought by for Matt is far more fun for a Friday than the USDA guidelines (we’ll get to those next week).

The homage to Matt is hand made and was a special gift for our world champion.

Tim and his wife, Judy, stopped by our mill today to drop off a surprise for Matt (our world champion)—a beautiful, hand-crafted doll. Judy sells her dolls, along with other hand-crafted items through her store front Threads of Magique on

We can’t get over how much the doll resembles Matt, chef coat and all! It kind of reminds us of the dolls from Coraline, but we’re going to put that out of mind and focus on the awesomeness of this little guy. Good luck charm for the 2010 competition? Check!

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