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Race Report: Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester: 10.13.10

After the first day of racing at Gloucester I was already thinking about all of the things I could put into a race report. It wasn’t pleasant. So I thought it best to wait it out until after Sunday’s race before giving the weekend report.

Gran Prix of Gloucester – Day 1

I’ve made several jokes in the past about the races at Gloucester having some sort of bad mojo for me but I thought that I had won the battle when I made it on the podium last year. Well, Gloucester wasn’t done with me yet. After a good start on a newly designed super fun and technical course, I was working hard to stay in the top five and feeling pretty strong. With two laps to go I was in 4th place hoping to stick with the leaders and try for a podium spot when my front tire was punctured on a rock and I crashed onto a metal drainage grate. I hopped up quickly but had to ride really, really slowly to the pits in order to avoid skidding the flat front tire. After swapping bikes there were only 1-½ laps to go in the race and I was digging deep to catch all of the riders that had passed me. I was a bit too frantic in my attempt to chase back my position and skidded out in a corner, crashed, dropped my chain, had to take some time to get it back on and then chase back through a few riders finishing 11th, super annoyed with the day and just wanting it to go away. Sorry to all the nice friends and family that came out that day, I was pretty bummed out and not very social after the race.

Cyclocross Magazine and Cyclingnews coverage can be found here and here.

Gran Prix of Gloucester – Day 2

I’ve tried to love Gloucester. I’ve kinda hated Gloucester and I’ve tried to dismiss all the bad luck as early season glitches. I decided to approach Sunday with as much indifference as possible, maybe that would work. The course was changed to the “classic” format and it was faster, less technical and windy. I had another good start and stuck with the lead group of seven or so riders. It seemed that we were all taking turns trying to get ahead of each other without any luck until one rider crashed and the leader got away. The chase group began to pull apart a little and I kept trying to get a gap on the other riders at a long dirt run-up without much luck. No one really wanted to be out in the headwind in the lead so the race came down to the final lap and I ended up 5th. It was a much better race than the day before but I was feeling quite sore in my right hip from the fall the day before and perhaps a little flat in the legs. I’m still not convinced that Gloucester and I are done with one another yet.

Cyclocross Magazine and Cyclingnews coverage can be found here and here. Check out a post-race interview with Colt from here.

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