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Race Day Do’s and Don’ts: Triathlons


  • Create a gear list a few days before your race and systematically cross things off one by one as you place them in to your gear bag.
  • Get to bed on time the night before!
  • Remember to rub body glide on your neck. shoulders and ankles.  Prevents chaffing.
  • Get to the race early enough to warm up.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  You urine should be clear when you start the race.
  • Eat clean foods in preparation for your race.  That is, eat foods that you know that you can easily digest prior to the race.
  • If you choose a light solid meal in the morning prior to your race, make sure you have consumed this meal 2 hours prior to the start of the race.
  • I like a little caffeine in the morning prior to my race.  I usually give up the caffeine the week of the race because it dehydrates you but I like a little jolt of java on the morning of race day.


  • Don’t be late!  You’ll just stress yourself out.
  • Don’t take up too much space at the transition areas.  Be courteous to your neighbors and remember that there’s usually a ton of bikes on each rack and a messy transition area isn’t good for anyone.
  • Don’t try new gear on race day without properly vetting that piece of equipment during your training.
  • Don’t train too much during your taper sessions.  I know its tempting, but the purpose of tapering is to prepare for your race, not burn yourself out prior to it.
  • Don’t try new nutrition tips and procedures during your race.  Keep your nutrition and hydration habits familiar.  Remember, training sessions are the proper place for new methods.
  • Don’t over think it.  Just go out, compete and have fun!!!


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