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Mud, bikes, hot oatmeal! Who could ask for more?

A steely gray sky laced with rain clouds greeted me as I groggily got ready for work on Sunday morning. Yes, I admit it, despite my anticipation for Cyclocross to kick-off this weekend- I was not overly eager to leave my warm bed so early.

Once set in motion, however, my body caught up and was ready to go by the time I pulled up to the Alpenrose Dairy. I got to our booth almost an hour before the first races and was astounded by the number of people and bikes everywhere I looked. It began raining upon my arrival and I could tell that it was going to be a perfect day for hot oatmeal.

To my surprise, Cyclocross is a very family-oriented event. Husbands, wives, children and dogs shivered and cheered for their riders. The sound of cowbells filled the air when racers flew by on the course. We were fortunate to be located near some of the obstacles and got to watch riders carry their bikes up the stairs, hop on, ride around, hop off, jump over hurdles, get back on… it was a spectacle to say the least.



Riders splattered with mud flooded our booth in droves for the oats- some coming back for seconds and thirds. It was a lot of fun to reward their racing efforts with something as comforting as hot oatmeal. We dished out approximately 500 bowls of hot steel-cut oats to muddy, cold riders and their family and friends. On top of that we raised approximately $478 for the Community Cycling Center to help get more kids on bikes. (Bob’s Red Mill is matching every dollar donated by the public and $10 for each lap our riders complete.) Our first race raised enough money for almost 10 bikes for kids in


We’ll be there this coming Sunday at Villebois in Wilsonville- stop by and say hello! Get some oats, help us raise money for the CCC and cheer on our team!

P.S. The Bob’s Red Mill team came in 31st, 37th and 93rd out of a field of 139 riders in the beginner’s category. Way to go, guys!

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