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Just Ask!

Over the last week I have been assisting Bob in preparation for an upcoming presentation at Oregon State University. For those of you have met Bob, you know that he is a veritable encyclopedia of whole grain information and could expound on this topic for hours on end. I have learned a lot in the years I have worked here and been inspired to change my eating habits for the better. 

One topic that Bob and I keep circling around is what to do when you are eating out. Many restaurants do not offer whole grains on their menu. It’s easy to advise to order brown rice and whole grain breads when they appear on the menu, but what about when there is no whole grain option? 

The Whole Grains Council ran a campaign in 2007 called “Just Ask.” They urged consumers to ask for whole grains when dining out. Asking restaurants for whole grain options will help the restaurant realize that whole grains are in demand from their customers. It’s a simple rule of economics- enough demand will drive supply. 

No matter where you find yourself eating, ask for whole grains. I’ve been pleasantly suprised more than once. Be brave, I know you can do it. 

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