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It’s Millet Time!

1295c28_f_hrOne of my goals in this gluten abstinence experiment was to explore and innovate preparation with our gluten free products. I’ve tried every one of our products but the gf products were checked off the list so mechanically. This week I whipped up some whole grain hulled millet, added some caramelized shallots and mushrooms and fell in love. The stuff has the look and consistency of mashed potatoes but are so much easier to make. I’ve made a big pot of the stuff so I’m looking forward to trying something completely different tonight.

I’m so thrilled about millet that the first three responses to this posting will get a free package millet delivered to their door.


LK says:

Millet that tastes like mashed potatoes sounds wonderful! I like how you enjoyed it with mushrooms and shallots. I am interested in reading about your gluten-free journey. I’ve made millet cornbread before, and it would be nice to try out other recipes with millet.

MatthewC says:

LK it really is wonderful! The caramelization takes some time and care but it’s flavor concentrated many fold. Thanks for the comment! email me your address and I’ll send you a free package of hulled millet.

ladyamanda says:

I haven’t tried Millet, but you’ve piqued my interest, I’ll probably pick up a bag and try it.

Stacy says:

I am truly curious about your new millet love. I love whole grains but so many of them are unfamiliar to me so I usually skip them. I went through the whole site tonight though, and even googled a few of the real strange ones. Your millet recipe, mixed with the caramelized shallots may be something even my husband would try. I am excited to at least try a few new things, now that I know I can get all the Bob’s products on-line, instead of searching store to store! Thanks for sharing.

H.Peter says:

Sounds like a great addition to a GF household.

Interesting BLOG by the way.

ChrisJohnson says:

I started using millet in bread after seeing it in a recipe for German Korni bread in “The Village Baker.” I’ve taken to using a cup of millet flour (Bob’s of course!) in the sandwich bread I make for the family. It adds a nice flavor, a golden sheen, and a good crumb for sandwiches. As I write this, there are two loaves of spelt-millet bread rising. Matt: I assume that you would want to soak hulled millet before using in a bread dough. How about toasting it?

kathyb says:

My sister gave me the link to The Mill Room. I’ve felt better eating a gluten free/potatoe free diet as I eat for my blood type — -0-

I’ll try the millet as I do miss mashed potatoes — a comfort food.

Thanks for the info.

gfvegheads says:

I just used millet flour (ground in my spice grinder b/c I couldn’t find pre-ground millet flour) in a gluten-free bread recipe and I agree – it’s delicious. Your experiment with carmelized onions and mushrooms sounds intriguing!

MatthewC says:

Wow! I’m impressed by the millet-love. Thanks y’all. LK, your bag is in the mail. For all the rest of you who commented, I’ve got a bag for you too if you just e-mail me at and write in the subject line “It’s Millet time!”

There was a question from Chris… let me see… ah yes. Toasting? Definitely. Millet’s flavor is fairly mild, like most grains. But you’ll really get them to sing with flavor if you toast them in a skillet with a bit of oil first (canola’s fine, olive burns). If you want to bake them into bread, it’s not necessary to soak the kernels but if you’re going to use quite a bit of them, you may want to soften them with an overnight soak first–unless you like crunchy bread.

Thanks for reading. If y’all come up with some tasty ways of enjoying millet, I’d love to hear about it.

Twisted Cinderella says:

Wow that sounds really good! I have never tried Millet, but now that I am newly gluten free, I think I will give it a shot!

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