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How do you say oatmeal in Pirate?

Did you know that September is whole grains month? I bet not. I bet you didn’t know today is International Talk like a Pirate Day either. Avast, me hearties! I forgot! Or maybe I just chose not to talk like a pirate today. After all, I know very few phrases and speak “whole grain” much better than “pirate.”

Fortunately, I didn’t forget that September is whole grains month and have been celebrating all month long*. If you forgot, not to fear- you can still celebrate your favorite whole grains this month. Our friends at the Whole Grains Council have some wonderful suggestions to get you started:

I’ll buy three different loaves of whole-grain bread and taste all of them to see which one we like best.

I’ll serve bulgur or brown rice instead of potatoes with dinner one night this month.

I’ll look for the Whole Grain Stamp every time I shop.

I’ll try a new breakfast cereal with at least 16 grams of whole grain per serving.

I’ll buy some whole-wheat pasta and try it.

I’ll visit the health food store or a major grocery and look at all the different grains in bins.

I’ll make my favorite whole grain recipe for a friend.

On the weekend, I’ll try cooking a pot of steel-cut oatmeal.

Find more ideas to get the celebration started here. Enjoy the bounty!

*I confess, I did forget. Luckily for me, every month is whole grains month at Bob’s Red Mill.

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