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Example Training Schedule: Training Phase Dependent

My training schedule has been a dynamically evolving organism in the past two years. My love of triathlon regarding training, competing and coaching has been fighting with my love of running, specifically endurance running or marathons. Because I can still choose to run in the winter, my focus in the early season is to knockout one marathon a month for April, May and June. During the winter I participate, and then coach, an indoor cycling class for athletes of all abilities. This keeps me on the bike instead of the couch. Since the pool is always open, swimming is available so my gills don’t dry out. With that in mind, and a goal race looming in the late spring, winter run training keeps my running base stable while two indoor bike workouts keep things sharper than choosing to be out riding in the rain with automobiles. All three sports keep my cross-training level up and reduces my incidence of acute or nagging injuries.

I’m excited to be competing in two new triathlon events coming to Portland this year, both of them 70.3 (miles) Half-Iron (H.I.M.) distance races. Blending the last marathon this Sunday the 19th, into the triathlon training schedule for a H.I.M. in three weeks, involves a bit of juggling, but basically my weekly schedule starts to look more intensely and exclusively triathlon based. I follow a Three-Week-On/One-Week-Off monthly schedule to build and vary Intensity and duration.

Monday: Resistance and Core Training

Tuesday: Swim Drills w/Upper Zone Focus and Run Day (tempo). Distance and Time dependent on Training Plan phase.

Wednesday: Bike Intervals on Road

Thursday: Swim Distance and Easy Run

Friday: Active Recovery Day, Stretching or Short Easy Ride

Saturday: Long Bike on Course-Similar Terrain. Distance and Time dependent on Training Plan phase.

Sunday: Long Run w/Aerobic Threshold Focus.

I’m also excited to be contributing as a part of the BRM-TWG team and helping to further elevate the awareness of correct nutrition in training and competing. Correct nutrition is a year-round event.


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